The Ten Funniest Viral Videos of 2016

2016 may have been a bad year for movies, but it was a great year for viral videos. Luckily for you, the Interrobang has a great memory and has distilled an entire year of viral weirdness into 15 videos that are the best of the best. This is the perfect way to recover from your day-before-New-Year’s-Eve hangover. Enjoy!

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Girl Face Swaps With Her Friend’s Boob

Snapchat’s faceswap feature was incredibly popular in 2016, but no faceswap topped this one. Someone finally found a way to make a breast slightly less attractive. Here’s the o.g. link.


Bills Fan Drinks From Fantastic Ass Luge

Bills fans had a helluva year. But that this video was the highlight of their entire season says a lot. Jump to :20 seconds in. Check out the original link here.


The Huh Challenge Is The Best Roast Of 2016

Comedy Central may roast the biggest celebrities of the day, but this chick in a high school blows them all away. Read the original post with multiple video links here.

Jennifer Murphy Beds Blows Up Internet With Insanely Racist Song

Jennifer Murphy, who sells Murphy beds and is somehow associated with Donald Trump, got all the bad publicity in the world when she released her insane music video for “I Want To Be Neenja”. Despite all this, it’d still be cool to own a Murphy bed. See the original post here.


Germany’s Head Coach Loves The Smell Of His Own Balls

Germany’s soccer coach, Joachim Low, got caught smelling the stench of his own crotch this year and the internet went to work on him. This was caught on camera. During a game. God knows what he does at home.


Drunk Monkey Pulls Huge Knife On Bar Patrons

Can someone please cast this monkey in the Road House reboot? Read the original post here.


Want To See The Most Awkward Bon Jovi Video Of All Time?

Bon Jovi showed up at a wedding and the band there had the balls to cover him. They then had the even larger balls to get him to jump in on the song. Read more here.


Laughing Jimmy Fallon

Everybody loves Jimmy Fallon. And Jimmy Fallon loves everybody. No matter what they’re saying or what they’re doing.


Ben Carson Screws Up His Own Entrance

Hey everybody, remember Republican Presidential nominee Ben Carson? You know, the new head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Well in case you don’t, here he is not being able to walk out onto a stage. Read about it here.


Trump And Clinton Get The Dirty Dancing Treatment

After the Town Hall debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, a genius was able to sync them up with the soundtrack from Dirty Dancing. This was the height of all of the debates without a doubt.


The Chickening

Ever wanted to laugh, cry, and be totally 100% disturbed all at the same time? Then the Chickening is for you. You’ll never be able to get this out of your head for as long as you live.


Bloke Gets Busted Wanking At The Wheel

In America we have road rage, across the pond all they have is rampant masturbation in the middle of the day while driving around for work. Originally posted here!


Girl Deep Throats Stick Of Butter

This can qualify as one of the hottest videos of 2016. Or possibly stomach turning depending on your opinions on people eating entire sticks of butter.


For Some Reason People Found This Detergent Ad Racist

This Chinese detergent company thought this was a good idea to market their product. Donald Trump should be able to take care of this.


Ted Cruz Panders To The Jews

Ted Cruz is a ridiculous character and watching him pander to NYC’s Jewish community explains all you need to know about him. This barely beat out his creepy booger eating video. Barely.


Honorable Mention

Gail Bennington Assaulted By Bird – Or Was She!?

One of the great controversies of 2016 occurred during a Periscope broadcast from the Bennington show. Did a bird fly into the head of co-host Gail Bennington? Observe the video evidence to make your own conclusion (hint: It didn’t).

The Irish Laugh To Their Hearts Content At East Side Dave McDonald

The Youtube series Irish People Watch… ended up viewing the episode of America’s Worst Tattoos that featured one East Side Dave McDonald. Watch the video and see proof the Irish don’t stick up for their own. They must have thought he was Scottish.

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