Sneak Peak at Janelle James’ Hilarious New Album, ‘Black and Mild’

Photo Credit: Mindy Tucker

One of the best parts about comedy is the way it can capture the discomfort or strangeness of everyday situations and make you feel like you’re not alone in feeling the way you do. Comedian , on her new album Black and Mild, expertly does just that. The NYC comic and writer is a queen of observational comedy, perfectly capturing the nuance of life’s awkward situations, big and small, and laying into them in such a way that you’d swear she’s living inside your own head.

On her newest album, coming out on September 29th on Audible, James tackles a myriad of topics, from being messed up as a kid by her “macho dad” and struggling with the increased sex drive of her thirties to the ridiculousness of the “thigh gap” craze and Melania Trump’s masterful ability to avoid touching her husband in any way. Throughout the album, James makes you feel, not like a fan at an album taping, but like you’re bullshitting with a friend about all the weird stuff your kids do or how unimpressive the men on The Bachelor have been lately.

You can check out a preview clip from the album, where James discusses the terrible discomfort of being sang to one-on-one by someone who loves you, below:

James has been blowing up as of late. She’s incredibly funny- audiences love her and so do other comedians. In the past year, she’s made appearances on shows like Night Train with Wyatt Cenac, @midnight and Uproarious and was included in 2016’s New Faces category at Montreal’s Just For Laughs comedy festival. She can also currently be seen touring with on his ongoing Total Blackout Tour 2017.

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