Gail Bennington Launches New Podcast, “Gail Meets Girls”


kills every day as co-host of SiriusXM’s Bennington Show with radio legend and all of us here at The Interrobang are huge fans.

Now she’s stepping out on her own with a very cool new side project, a brand new podcast just released today and hosted right here on our site. Everyone should listen to Gail Meets Girls, where Gail meets up with some of the funniest women working in comedy today to discuss their experiences in stand-up. The show has a woman’s touch, but anyone interested in comedy will dig the show.

In the premiere episode, Gail meets up with some of our favorite comedians like from NBC’s , now just about to launch her brand new album, and who we profiled last month as one of our favorite young rising stars. Episode one also includes a special surprise visit from the very funny , who we have featured on our recurring “Up Next” series. Gail and the girls discuss comedy in a Trump America, nightmarish hell gigs, and growing your bones in black rooms.

Gail is already one of the most unique voices on radio, loved for her amazing impressions, her unique hip perspective on culture and comedy, and her fearlessness- she will talk about anything.  She’s makes us laugh every day. We’re so excited to present Gail Meets Girls.

Go to iTunes now and download,  subscribe and share it!

If you don’t have iTunes you can download it directly, right here.



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Billy Zoom
Billy Zoom

Gail is a cutie and I like her. Ronnie, Gail and Hicks. These are good times.


Is it true that the other 2 possible names of the podcast were:

- Lezzing out with Gail

- The Unfuckables with Gail


@Senor_Moneyshot1 Nope.    

Is it true that this is one of the least funny comments on this site?  Quite possibly.