Could This Be Florida’s Last Dance With Changing The Clocks For Daylight Savings Time!?

Florida lost an hour of sleep and had a “Spring Ahead” with the rest of us, but will they ever “Fall Back” again!? A bill has been passed to permanently keep “Daylight Savings” in effect, which will set Florida’s clock differently from the rest of the East Coast.

It only makes sense that Florida Man lives in Florida Time.


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  1. Sam R.

    March 12, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    The point of daylight savings time is to save electricity because your household won’t need the lights turned on in the evening until an hour later. Pretty much everybody knows that. Now some states (like Arizona) have found that more electricity is saved by having the air conditioner on for one hour LESS per day when people get home from work instead of having the lights on for an extra hour, ultimately saving energy, which also equates to a lower utility bill.