Young Artist Creates Nude Bill Cosby Statue


Usually when someone creates a statue of someone, it’s considered a tribute. Bill Cosby may not feel the same way after the unveiling of his likeness at the Cory Allen Contemporary Art Showroom in St. Petersburg, Florida. The statue was created by high school freshman Rodman Edwards and features Bill Cosby as a nude and angry Dr. Cliff Huxtable from “The Cosby Show” and where his dick should be is a tiny “Fat Albert” statue which is crying.

Edwards titles his piece, “Fat Albert Cries for Dr. Huxtable”. The artist told the Broward – Palm Beach New Times, “As a fan, I think I just felt compelled to depict two of Bill Cosby’s creations at odds with each other. Because Bill Cosby seems to be at odds with what I always thought Dr. Huxtable stood for.” He would also like his statue to replace the one of Cosby at the TV Hall of Fame museum in Orlando.

Hey, Hey, Hey! The big unveiling will happen at the Cory Allen Contemporary Art Showroom on Friday, February 20th.



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