Yannis Pappas Writes About The Baltimore Riots on Facebook


Yannis Pappas, comedian and host of AOL’s “2 Point Lead” has some thoughts on what’s going on in Baltimore. Curfews have been set and the National Guard have been called in because of the unrest from rioters who have taken to the streets following the death of Freddie Gray, who died of a spinal cord injury sustained while in police custody.

Yannis wrote his comments on who he feels is to blame for the Baltimore situation and what needs to be done. Here’s the statement Yannis posted on his Facebook page.

First and foremost, I blame the police and I blame the rioters. I blame the NRA that is tacitly responsible for all the guns on the streets. I blame our drug policies that have destroyed underprivileged communities. I blame police departments for allowing racism and misconduct to reach epidemic proportions. I blame celebrities like Floyd Mayweather who flaunt their multi-million dollar car collection instead of reinvesting their wealth back into the black community, like Magic Johnson does. Throughout American history, ethnic groups have been brought up by their own successful members. I blame the history of this country which is one of hypocrisy and injustice and is responsible for the breakdown of the African-American family. The institution of slavery, which was not that long ago, ripped families apart for unearned profit. The consequences of this brutality still resonate today. I blame a lack of leadership seeking to get past the anger stage of mourning for these past injustices. I do not blame a white liquor store owner that gets dragged out of his store and beaten by a mob. The perpetrators of this offense are misguided youths with poor examples for fathers, not freedom fighters. If we are going to heal, we need to start having conversations that involve all the elements that have created this stew of shit. May reason and the rule of law save us all. Not faith. Faith without reason is medieval. African-Americans are more American than me. I am first generation Greek-American. African-American culture is imitated around the world. I grew up imitating it. African-Americans should be proud.

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