Yamaneika Saunders Has Been a Hilarious Addition to the Tonight Show Monologue

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Congratulations to the Tonight Show for being the first network to recognize what a phenomenal talent Saunders is. It seems Saunders has a new gig with the Tonight Show doing pop-ins during the monologue.

Introduced as the show’s new Christmas Correspondent last week, Yammie helped clear up Santa Claus’ true ethnicity with Jimmy. “Santa could only be white,” she explained. A black Santa would have been shot in the ass for breaking into homes on Christmas Eve, she pointed out to open the segment. She also talks about what Christmas songs would sound like if Santa was black, and cracks up Jimmy apologizing for “my rolls coming out.”

The Tonight Show must have been happy with Yamaneika’s performance because this week the designation of Christmas correspondent was gone, and Yamaneika came out as just a Tonight Show Correspondent to talk about Roy Moore’s striking loss in the Alabama Senate race. #BlackWomenGetItDone

Yamaneika looks like a star and right at home in front of that famous blue curtain. Let’s hope Yamaneika spends a lot more time on NBC late night.

Watch both clips below.

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