The World Champ, Judah Friedlander Announces 2020 Presidential Bid at The Moontower Comedy Festival!

Judah Friedlander announced his 2020 candidacy at his Presidential Press Conference with Ron Bennington and it was definitely a party! The room was completely decked out with balloons, posters, inflatables and red, white and blue everywhere.

Bennington kicked the evening off with a surprise performance by Josh Adam Meyers and The Goddamn Comedy Jam who performed an original song they penned specifically for this special event. It was the perfect way to set the tone for what was to be, hands down, the best comedic interpretation of politics I have ever seen.

An excited crowd waits for Judah

Judah took the podium and officially announced that he was going to “stand” for president in the 2020 presidential election. Ron asked why he was going to “stand” for president instead of “run” for president?  Judah simply replied, “because only cowards run”… and the crowd went wild!

Judah was then delivered his lunch- a burrito- right there, on the stage then proceeded to announce the highlights of his platform while eating it. After all, he had just finished destroying all comers in Moontower’s 2018 Ping Pong Tournament, so of course he was hungry. His relaxed, conversational tone gave the impression that he may have been coming up with these ideas as he was eating and completely added to the hilarity of the things he was saying.

A few of Judah’s campaign promises included ending the instruction of math in every school across the country, getting rice out of our burritos and back onto the plate as a side dish (where it belongs), ending Chipotle’s reign and bringing back Taco Bell and the crowd favorite, getting high fructose corn syrup out of our food and getting “big sugar” back into the food game. Judah shared the fact that Hientz Ketchup once had real cane sugar in their products but have since switched to high fructose corn syrup. The crowd all started to rally together, laughing and booing this corn syrup take over of our ketchup. Bennington was quick to join in with the chant, “Fuck fake ketchup! Fuck fake ketchup!!” The crowd instantly and enthusiastically caught on. It was hilarious!

An excited crowd

Our future presidential nominee then proceeded to answer questions that were asked of him by a line of “bloggers” who were there to cover this monumental event. Each question and answer was funnier than the next. Judah’s Q and A segment was the perfect parody of a Trump press conference in the way that Trump never truly seems to understand, be prepared for, or answer the actual questions that are being asked of him and yet will always deliver his responses with either full confidence or with complete dismissiveness of reporters asking the questions. The genius of this to me is that Judah managed to nail this essence without ever imitating Trump or really bringing up any real political issues at all. This kept the spirt of the event light and the focus of the content on the funny. The show ended with Vito, Ron, Judah and the entire crowd singing a version of, “Hey Jude” titled “Hey Judah.”

The World Champ’s Presidential Press Conference with Judah Friedlander and Ron Bennington was from soup to nuts, a perfect production.  Friedlander and Bennington really nailed this politically all-inclusive, fresh take on political humor. I would absolutely love to see this show recreated and brought to New York as well as other comedy festivals all throughout the comedy loving world. #Judah2020

See more photo and  video from the event below.

The early arrivers got photo cards, flags, face paint and stickers

Outside the Velveeta Room and Esther’s Follies

Judah! Judah! 2020

Getting Ready for Judah

An excited crowd waits for the Champ

Ron Bennington Welcomes the Crowd

Josh Adam Meyers, Avery Pearson and Jeremiah Watkins Get the Crowd Going with a Song for Judah

The Goddamn Comedy Jam



Courtesy of Bells and Whistles Productions

 Judah and the Jam Backstage

Everyone Sings Along for Judah


The Champ is Here!

Ron and Judah Talk America!

The Crowd Loves Judah!

Ron Bennington Asks the Champ About His Platform

Judah Explains To the People

A Reporter Asks an Important Question

Judah Answers With Some Serious Plans for the United States

Courtesy of Bells and Whistles Productions

Courtesy of Bells and Whistles Productions

Judah Shaking Hands, Kissing Babies


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Sara Dahms

Sarah Dahms is a comedy superfan hails from Chicago and travels all over the country checking out the best comedy everywhere.
Sara Dahms
Sara Dahms
Sarah Dahms is a comedy superfan hails from Chicago and travels all over the country checking out the best comedy everywhere.