Who Won The Highlander Football Challenge!? Who IS the One?

In 2014 there were 50 Challengers. One survived.  .  
In 2015 there were 55 Challengers. One survived.  CASEY BALSHAM. 
In 2016 there were 75 Challengers.  One survived.

It started with 75 comedians, battling it out in the Bennington/The Interrobang ESPN NFL Comedian Eliminator Challenge. To win, they had to beat the odds, and the other comedians by picking one winning team each week of the NFL season. Anyone who chose wrong was eliminated. To win, you only had to outlast everyone else, until there was only one.

Except this time there were three. Three comedy warriors lasted all the way to Week 16 when all three were eliminated on the same day.  Jim Florentine, Robby Slowik and Mitchell Walters all survived 15 weeks never missing a beat. Then on Week 16, the Chargers suffered a shocking loss to the unfeated Browns (giving the Browns a 1 and 14 record) and taking out Slowik and Florentine with them.  Walters got eliminated when the Titans lost to the Jags.  Since then, our officiants have been furiously computing tie-breaker scores and we finally can reveal that the winner by tie-breaker….

That one…that warrior…that champion…the man who will take home the Ball of Champions, is none other than Robby Slowik!  Congratulations to Robby!! In addition to winning the glory and the title, he will take home a football signed by Joe Montana.  Thanks to Steiner Sports for providing this year’s prize!

This was the most competitive Highlander yet, going 16 weeks! These were Robby Slowik’s picks.

Week 1: Seattle Seahawks
Week 2: New England Patriots
Week 3: Miami Dolphins
Week 4: Washington Redskins
Week 5: Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 6: Buffalo Bills
Week 7: Kansas City Chiefs
Week 8: Denver Broncos
Week 9: Dallas Cowboys
Week 10: Baltimore Ravens
Week 11: Detroit Lions
Week 12: New York Giants
Week 13: Chicago Bears
Week 14: Cincinnati Bengals
Week 15: Atlanta Falcons
Week 16: San Diego Chargers (OUT)

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