Who’s Hosting SNL Tonight?

whos hosting snl jonah hill

Who’s Hosting SNL Tonight?

Saturday Night Live is all new tonight with host Jonah Hill!

This isn’t Hill’s first time helming Saturday Night Live– tonight will be his fourth time fronting the show. He last hosted two years ago on January 25, 2014. He also was the guest host on March 10th, 2012 and had his SNL hosting debut in March 2008. In 2013 he had a memorable cameo during the monologue when Kristen Wiig came back to host the show.

In Jonah’s past monologues, he’s been joined on stage with big celebrities- Leonardo DiCaprio in 2014 and Tom Hanks in 2008. He’s also got a recurring character that will most likely make an appearance this week- he’s appeared as the outspoken Adam Grossman three times. Grossman is a six year old with the personality of a Borscht Belt Jewish Comic who has a special love for dining at Benihana with family members. We’re also hoping to see internet rumor turn into reality, after it was revealed last week that rumors of Jonah Hill starring in a remake of Mrs. Doubtfire were just a hoax. Hill’s not promoting any current projects this week, but his next film, Todd Phillips’ “War Dogs” will be out in August.

In the promos for this week’s episode, no sign of Mrs. D, but Jonah Hill and Kate McKinnon get their shoes shined below 30 Rock, and Jonah makes a list of people with mustaches. Leslie Jones can’t wait for this week’s episode…but it’s not Hill she’s excited about.

This week’s musical guest is Future.

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