Who’s Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight?

who's hosting saturday night live

Tonight, SNL is live, and pulling double duty as both host and musical guest is Drake. This is Drake’s second time helming Saturday Night Live as both host and musical guest- the last time he filled both roles was January 2014.

Last time he hosted, Drake played Lil Wayne in a sketch about Hip Hop Classics: Before They Were Stars, a poetry student with a crush, a grumpy Miami morning show news anchor, and did a pretty impressive Katt Williams impression in a sketch about Nancy Grace’s talk show.

It’s over two years later and Drake is a bigger star than ever, and the big news Friday is that at some point post-promo, Drake has sheared off his beard and plans to host SNL babyfaced.  The photo was posted and quickly removed on Friday- perhaps it was meant to be a surprise for fans. Twitter went crazy on Friday over the reveal of Babydrake while it lasted, leading to speculation that a Degrassi sketch might be in the works.

Watch the promos for this week’s episode.  In the first promo, Leslie Jones interacts with Drake and pitches some great sketch ideas- most of which involve spanking Drake like a baby.  Watch Drake improv a song on the spot and see how Leslie gets what Leslie wants.

Promo 2 also focuses on Drake and Leslie Jones, and she is excited to have Drake on the show. Drake takes a few calls, answering Hotline Bling.

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