Who’s Hosting Saturday Night Live: August 20, 2016


Saturday Night Live is still on its summer break, so there’s no new SNL tonight, and there’s not even a re-run airing, thanks to the last night of NBC coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics.  Tonight marks the third and final week that the Olympics will air in the time slot usually reserved for Saturday Night Live, so tonight nobody is hosting.

Instead of watching SNL tonight, you can tune into the live women’s Triathalon with coverage starting at 8pm followed by women’s Golf, men’s Platform Diving, and Canoe/Kayaking.

Saturday Night Live reruns will return on August 27 with a Jonah Hill/Future helmed episode, and we should be weeks away from a 42nd Season Premiere. In the meantime, if you’re looking for some new SNL content, you can check out Pete Davidson and Kenan Thompson sharng their most memorable Season 41 moments. Watch Pete talk about his sketch with Ronda Rousey while he eats donuts. Kenan has four favorites including Kate McKinnon’s Alien Abduction sketch, a Leslie Jones Ninja Sketch, a Taran Killam bit that didn’t make the air, and his own David Ortiz bit.

Maybe if they’d aired that Taran Killam bit, he’d be coming back for season 42.


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