Who’s Already Tired of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s Puppy Love? Seth Rogen Is

Buzzfeed caught Seth Rogen rolling his eyes at ’s head of heels social media posts about his new relationship with pop superstar Ariana Grande.

“Rogen had to comment after watching a back and forth on Instagram between Pete and Ari (should we call them Grande-son?). Pete posted a photo of Grande looking particularly flexible with the caption “what the actual fuck 😍” and Ariana commented back “I love you” which cued Davidson to answer back “I love u more tho.”  All we’re missing here is the tag shmoopy.  Rogen turned this little cut scene into comedy news when he added his thoughts on it all: “Guys seriously,” he wrote.

Davidson had a response: “@sethrogen when ur getting married to the hottest girl in the world you tell me how you’d act.”

Davidson also appeared on the Tonight Show this week looking pretty high on his new relationship status. Scroll down below to see the clip and watch a weird one way lovefest take place between Pete and Robert Pattinson. Love is a crazy thing.


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