Who is the Bernier Bernie? James Adomian Meets Bernie Sanders

If you weren’t sure who has the greatest Bernie Sanders impression, the question has been definitively answered in a new video released on Friday.

It’s a “Bernie vs. Bernie” showdown as Senator Bernie Sanders met his longtime impersonator, comedian James Adomian on the latest episode of Adomian’s podcast “The Underculture,” available now.

Throughout the 20-minute conversation, the real Sen. Sanders and Adomian’s “Sanders” touch on today’s hot button issues and discuss why they are running for president. The two Bernies also dive into the mechanics of some of the senator’s most iconic and recurring gestures, and partake in friendly competition over whose suit is “more rumpled” (SPOILER: Bernie wins).

The full episode is available to stream and download now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher, and video of the interview is available on YouTube.

Adomian toured as Sanders with good friend and Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik before the last Presidential election.

In The Underculture, Actor, comedian and impressionist James Adomian, along with a revolving door of friends and fellow artists, perform a surreal vision of our times through audio clips that are presumably leaked or found from legitimate sources. In each episode, Adomian presents never-before-heard interviews and secret conversations with society’s biggest heroes and hucksters – Chris Matthews interviews Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sebastian Gorka speaks with the long-deceased Ayn Rand, Jesse Ventura and Shaquille O’Neal match wits and athleticism – and much more every week.

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