Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: March 11, 2017

Who is Hosting SNL Tonight? Scarlett Johansson

Tonight Saturday Night Live is absolutely live with a major star in the hosting spot– Scarlett Johansson. It’s a giant night for ScarJo who will officially be inducted into the elite, exclusive and oh so completely made up– Five Timers Club. The Five Timers used to be an exclusive club. It was first mentioned in 1990 when Steve Martin, Paul Simon, and Elliott Gould joined Tom Hanks on stage when he hosted for the fifth time. At that time, Steve, Paul and Elliott had been the only celebs to host the show five times, and they celebrated by welcoming him to their select society. Since then, Bill Murray, Christopher Walken, Alec Baldwin, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman, Drew Barrymore, Candice Bergen, Danny DeVito, Ben Affleck, Chevy Chase, and Buck Henry have joined the ranks, and Melissa McCarthy tried to sneak her way in during her last hosting gig, but was told that technically, it was only her fourth time hosting.

But tonight really is ScarJo’s fifth, which likely means some guest appearances from fellow fives. SNL is already celebrating her fifth appearance with a montage clip of some of her sketches and characters. ScarJo is always a great addition to Saturday Night Live because she’s always dives into the gig completely and is naturally funny. It’s been less than a year since her last appearance in May, 2015 when she appeared in the unforgettable digital short, “Black Widow: Age of Me” as her superhero character, Black Widow.

She has a few movies coming out– first up, Ghost in the Shell, which stars Scar as The Major, a special ops, one-of-a-kind, human-cyborg hybrid who leads an elite task force known as Section 9. Coming out in June, Johansson stars in a comedy,”Rough Night” with Ilana Glazer, that’s already generating some controversy for getting laughs out of the accidental killing of a stripper.

Tune in to NBC tonight at 11:30 to watch Scarlett become the third woman to join SNL‘s Five Timer’s Club and get all the razzle-dazzle that comes along with it along with musical guest Lorde. Watch the promos below. In addition to the look back at Scarlett’s past characters, there’s also a deep introspective promo about mentally and physically preparing for the big night (with appearances by Aidy Bryant and Pete Davidson), and a more traditional promo with Beck Bennett.

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