Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: June 22, 2019

Tonight, SNL presents an encore presentation of the Saturday Night Live Season 44 Finale hosted by Paul Rudd!

It feels like we just said goodbye to the 44th season of Saturday Night Live and tonight at 11:30pm et on NBC, we’re saying goodbye all over again. The SNL repeat airing this evening was the fourth time that the variety series had called upon Paul Rudd to host the show, however this would be his first time hosting an SNL season finale. Paul proved himself worthy of hosting the season-ender as you’ll see tonight, but his previous appearances where he sang, danced, posed nude, performed in drag, made Santa Claus sexy, and did some pretty intimate man-on-man kissing as part of “The Vogelcheck Family” also showed he’d be more than able to carry the weight of a Saturday Night Live season-ending episode.

The SNL – Cold Open is reason alone to catch this Saturday Night Live rerun all over again tonight. Little did we know when this episode first aired on Saturday, May 18, 2019, that this would most likely be the last time we see Alec Baldwin play President Donald Trump. It was after the season ended that Alec Baldwin told USA Today, “I can’t imagine I would do it again. I just can’t. They should find somebody who wants to do it.” Baldwin blamed a new heavier workload and wanting to spend the weekends with wife and young kids as the reason why he couldn’t see himself continuing to tease the real Donald Trump on national television on Saturday nights.

The (possibly) final Baldwin – Trump SNL opener is a big musical number that includes most of Saturday Night Live’s version of the Trump family and administration. Alec Baldwin’s Trump starts us off with a parody rendition of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now“. He’s quickly joined by First Lady Melania Trump (Cecily Strong), Veep Creep Mike Pence (Beck Bennett), then-White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant), Kanye West (Chris Redd), Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (Kenan Thompson), Presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani (Kate McKinnon), Donald Trump Jr. (Mikey Day), Eric Trump (Alex Moffat) and Special Counsel Robert Mueller played once again by Robert De Niro who had a cameo in the cold open in last week’s SNL repeat as well. It’s like Lorne Michaels is trying to use up all his De Niro episodes at the beginning of this summer of SNL reruns.

Besides see Alec Baldwin as Trump for the final time, the SNL – Cold Open is worth watching again tonight just for cast member Beck Bennett’s manly yet, homoerotic performance as Vice-President Mike Pence, singing lines like, “I wanna make a Chick-fil-A man out of you!” Unlike the real thing, this version of Mike Pence would be welcome at any Pride parade across the country this month. It’s definitely Bennett’s Pence and McKinnon’s Giuliani that get the biggest laughs in the show opener this evening.

Host Paul Rudd takes the stage tonight at Studio 8-H and immediately turns his monologue into a comedic best man’s speech, which is perfect considering that he has the persona of being everyone’s best friend. During his toast, Rudd takes everyone back through his SNL moments while joking about the way he never seems to age, his new found box office success as Marvel superhero “Ant-Man“, and his early relationship with SNL excutive producer Lorne Michaels. He finishes by raising a glass of champagne (“something warm and flat“) to Saturday Night Live.

The opening sketch is an SNL favorite. It’s the return of one of cast member Kate McKinnon’s signature characters, Ms. Rafferty. In this recurring sketch, usually Kate McKinnon is joined by the host and Cecily Strong as trailer folk who have experienced a UFO abduction. However, in tonight’s edition of the sketch, the three have gone through a time traveling experience where Paul Rudd and Cecily Strong’s characters traveled to a glorious future and McKinnon’s “Ms. Rafferty” found herself in the prehistoric past. They all are facing questioning by government agents played by cast members Aidy Bryant and Mikey Day. Anyone who’s a fan of Ms. Rafferty and “her clams casino and her bean burrito” will love reliving her latest adventure tonight.

Perhaps the best sketch of the night is the game show sketch called “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” featuring Kenan Thompson as the exasperated host who deals threes contestants played by Paul Rudd, Pete Davidson and Aidy Bryant who find outlandishly inappropriate things wrong with the pictures provided. “She’s 4 years old, but the boobies grew too fast!

Other sketches include a re-imagining of a regular SNL premise of characters not recognizing an obscure and ridiculous song, until they all realize they know it. This time, it includes Paul Rudd as an elderly antique dealer and Cecily Strong and Kyle Mooney as customers trying to figure out the tune playing from a music box. There’s also a return of a parody sketch of the ABC mid-morning talk show, “The View” with Paul Rudd as the visiting guest, Democratic contender Mayor Pete Buttigieg. SNL‘s fake “View” also takes on the recent abortion bans across the country which Weekend Update will also address tonight. Watch for Aidy Bryant who always kills as the constantly upset pundit Meghan McCain. The final sketch of SNL – Season 44 is called “Quija” and is about some tween girls having a sleepover and who summon a demon played by cast member Melissa Villaseñor. The demon answers their questions, but it turns out she just wants to be included in the slumber party fun.

The first of the SNL – Digital Shorts tonight is a music video starring cast member Pete Davidson who wants to rap about “Game of Thrones” which was celebrating its series finale this same weekend on HBO. Pete is exposed as “Game of Thrones” fraud, who knows nothing about the show and then decides, against the advice of Kenan Thompson, to rap about his actual favorite show “Grace and Frankie” starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin on Netflix. The short includes cameos from the “Grace and Frankie” stars and an appearance that should thrill “Game of Thrones” fans. We won’t ruin the “GoT” cameo in case you missed it, but his name begins with “Grey” and ends with “Worm.”

The second of the shorts is another chapter in the behind-the-scenes sexual tension between cast members Leslie Jones and Kyle Mooney. It turns out there’s more to this relationship than just comedy. The punchline turns real and into a romantic music video which takes them down memory lane, must to the horror and delight of host Paul Rudd. “Is this happening?

The focus of Weekend Update was the then-recent law changes in states across America severely limiting and basically outlawing abortion. Colin Jost and Michael Che took on the issue with Che explaining that Republican senators would probably welcome a sex strike protesting the anti-abortion measures by their wives, saying, “Cool. I’ll be at the airport men’s room. Don’t wait up for me.” The segment ends with a visit from cast member Leslie Jones dressed as a character from “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Leslie is furious with Alabama’s abortion ban, and tells the entire state legislation, “If any of them had lips, I would tell them to kiss my entire ass.”

The Weekend Update news team also took on the Trump Administration versus Iran, the tariffs Trump wanted to impose on China, Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller coming up with a Trump plan for immigration, the White House strategy to return to the Moon, plastic garbage in the Indian Ocean, Chris Rock rebooting the “Saw” horror franchise, a sexy accents survey, and children’s cartoon “Arthur” airing a gay wedding episode.

Also returning to the Weekend Update desk for the second repeat in a row is Cecily Strong as Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro. The shows where Cecily played the character didn’t actually air back-to-back, however the past weeks’ reruns are airing that way. Judge Jeanine addressed losing sponsors on her Fox News show. She’s also a little drunk and still drinking during her Weekend Update interview which puts Colin Jost on business end of several martini spit takes.

The season finale of Weekend Update included what’s become a Colin Jost / Michael Che tradition where as an end-of-the-season gift, they give each other jokes to read which the other person has not seen until that very moment. Jost was forced to joke about his bedroom staying power and chimpanzee culture, while Che had to comment on dog sex and the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal. This bit is just another reason to catch the SNL – Season 44 finale rerun all over again tonight.

In the promos that you can watch below for this repeat of the Saturday Night Live season finale include a montage of Paul Rudd’s highlights from his first 3 times hosting SNL. And in the next set, Paul Rudd is joined by Cecily Strong and musical guest DJ Khaled who is going to need more than one take on these promos.

Paul Rudd hosts tonight repeat of the Saturday Night Live – Season 44 Season Finale with musical guest DJ Khaled, who by the way, brings a cast of thousands with him. If you enjoy musical cameos, this is definitely the rerun for you. It re-airs tonight at 11:30pm et on NBC!

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