This Week Around the Industry in Comedy Stories from Tribeca Film, Justin Willman, and Skinny Sundays Rides Off Into the Sunset

The stories and news people talk about around the industry when the club closes and they’re sitting at the bar….

. . . . . Gary Gulman will be taping his new comedy special at the Highline Ballroom in New York City on March 18th.  He told us that he’s really excited, and he’s been working on this special since the day after my his special which was taped on May 24, 2012.

. . . . . Joey DePaolo, famed producer of Skinny Sundays has produced his last Skinny Sunday.  He wrapped the show on January 11, five years after he started it all, and so we caught up with Joey to find out about the big wrap show, and what’s next.  For anyone unfamiliar, Skinny Sundays pitted comedians in head to head competitions on stage, in free style rap battles, ventriloquist-offs, paternity test dance offs, and others. When DePaolo started Skinny Sundays at that time it was really cutting edge and different, and it was about five years before other great concept shows like Baked, God Damn Comedy Jam and Roast Battle would be born. Now that those other shows exist, Joey is ready for a new challenge, so he wrapped Skinny Sundays with an epic show that included Dave Koechner, Harland Williams, Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino.  DePaolo took a few months off to plan his brand new show– a currently unnamed Variety Show. The new new show will be an homage to, and parody of the great variety shows, like Star Search, AGT and The Gong Show, with six variety acts each week, three celebrity judges, and an on stage phone that calls the Ghost of Ed McMahon when the audience or the judges decide an act deserves the hook.  The new show launches April 2nd at the Improv and we’ll be checking in with DePaolo often to get more details as they emerge.

. . . . . The big news from New York is that a comedy documentary will open up this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Live From New York! will open the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday, April 15. The documentary explores 40 years of American politics, tragedy and popular culture through the comedic lens of SNL, and is directed by Bao Nguyen. We’ll be talking more about that with the director of programming for the Tribeca Film Festival, Genna Terranova,this week.

. . . . . Comedian and magician Justin Willman is on a personal and professional roll.  He’s recently engaged, he is touring clubs all over the country on his Fake Believe Tour.  He says the tour is about 50% magic, and 50% comedy, and has been going very well so far.  Just last weekend he performed at the world famous Largo Theater to a packed house.  This March, the pilot that Justin taped for Comedy Central will air as a one hour special, so if Fake Believe isn’t coming to you, you’ll still get a chance to see Justin perform.  The former host of Cupcake Wars is anxious to put that show behind him, and we have no doubt his special is going to accomplish that.  You can check out some of Justin’s work on his website

. . . . . . Last Comic Standing runner up Lachlan Patterson is incredibly busy these days.  He’s writing a pilot episode for a sitcom based on his life, and he’s also excited about a very cool variety show that he’s working on that he assures us is like nothing else out there.  And of course he’s continuing to tour throughout the US and Canada while he’s doing all of this, so it’s amazing that he has the time to think. He hopes to slow down one day, but he’s planning to ride the wave he’s on as long as he can.

. . . . . Carl Kozlowski, co-founder of the critically acclaimed radio and podcast network, Radio Titans.  It’s been about a year since Carl rebooted his network with partners Jake Bowman and John Mark Owens and they have big things happening out in Los Angeles.  The Radio Titan family are excited to be unveiling some giant interviews this week including Kevin Costner, Bradley Whitford, Allen Covert, David Cross, Owen Smith, Matt Walsh and Will Durst.  Prior to his reboot, Carl and co. had made the Talkers Frontier 50 list in 2013 and things are only looking up for them this year with over 23 podcasts on the network including his own.

. . . . . And in the news this week, Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer’s trailer for Trainwreck was released, Billy Bob Thorton joined a new Tina Fey comedy, Chris Elliott had his last Letterman appearance, Jon Stewart shook things up with the announcement that  he is leaving The Daily Show, Jim Norton, Jim Breuer and Lisa Lampanelli all announced new specials that will premier on EPIX, Kevin Hart announced he will be the roastmaster at a Justin Bieber roast, Joan Rivers and Weird Al won Grammys, and SNL geared up for their big SNL 40 event.  You can find all of that right here or at

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