Watch the Trailer for HBO’s New Sci Fi Comedy

House is back and now he’s the captain aboard a luxury starship.

No, it’s not really house but the new scificomedy does star Hugh Laurie along with a few other familiar faces like Josh Gad, and Silicon Valley’s Zach Woods.
Created by Armando Iannucci of “Veep,” Avenue 5 is set 40 years in the future when traveling the solar system is no longer the stuff of sci-fi fantasy, but a booming, multibillion-dollar business. Captain Clark (Laurie) is confident and suave and ready for the eight-week luxury tour around Saturn.

Laurie’s Captain is more Steubing than Kirk, and he’s got a crew of regulars who will have to deal with the ship’s unhappy passengers when things start going awry.

Created by Armando Iannucci; teleplay by Armando Iannucci, Simon Blackwell and Tony Roche;

Watch the trailer and get ready to head into deep space on January 19th when Avenue 5 debuts.

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