Watch Episode 1 Of “Teachers Lounge”


Here’s an opportunity to see the very first episode of “Teachers Lounge” a day early before it airs on Thundershorts, the brand new free streaming video site which launches on Thursday.

“Teachers Lounge” is the webseries created by comedian and former public school music teacher Ted Alexandro and his comedy partner and former public school janitor Hollis James. In “Teachers Lounge”, Alexandro and James bring their public education experience to their comedy series which is filled with guest stars. Guest faculty members include Lewis Black, Janeane Garofalo, Judy Gold, Judah Friedlander, Jim Norton, Dave Attell, Rachel Feinstein, Michael Che, Todd Barry and musician Ted Leo.

In episode 1, Jim Gaffigan plays the school nutritionist in some ironic casting that isn’t lost on anyone. After the death of a co-worker, “Mr. Gaffigan” arrives in the Teachers Lounge with some homemade wine – which leads to a moral dilemma in the lounge.  Jeffrey Joseph plays the Dean of Discipline in episode 1. And see if you can figure out what comedian appears as the voice of the school PA announcer.

You can also watch episode one of Michael Showalter’s “American Viral” now before the official launch of Thundershorts, tomorrow.

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