Now You Can Watch Sam Morril’s America’s Got Talent Set

sam morril

Sam Morril is one of our favorite New York comics, so we were proud to see he KICKED ASS on America’s Got Talent earlier this week. The audience loved Sam, the judges laughed. Howie Mandel called Sam very funny, and likeable with strong material. Mel B echoed both those thoughts adding in “and actually quite cute.” Heidi said she loved Sam, and guest judge George Lopez said he loved it too. Unfortunately Sam didn’t make the judges’ cuts, but some guy named Tape Face who does some mime made it through instead. In an AGT exit interview, Morril said, “I’m shocked, I’m a little baffled by their choice.” Us too Sam. If you missed Wednesday’s show, the good news is you can watch Sam’s full set below.

More good news — you’ll be able to see Morril on Comedy Central, and on Seeso soon. Sam is a part of the new Jeffrey Ross Rap Battle series that’s going to air from the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival next week. You can watch a clip from his first round battle against Christi Chiello in the promo below, and we’re really looking forward to seeing him in the next rounds up in Montreal, particularly because we hear he’s battling against Steve Rannazzisi, who had some 9/11 related controversy last year.  Should make for an interesting Rap Battle.

Sam’s also appearing on the Funny as Hell show which is being filmed for Seeso, and This is Not Happening, which is Ari Shaffir’s outstanding storytelling series. If you’re in D.C. this weekend, you can catch Sam at the DC Drafthouse! Otherwise, we’ll see you in Montreal.

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