Watch Pete Davidson Tear Up Gangsta’s Paradise with Coolio for the Goddamn Comedy Jam

pete davidson

The Goddamn Comedy Jam is coming to Comedy Central.

For those of you uninitiated, we’ve been championing the shit out of this show for well over a year now. It’s a comedy show with top headliners, and a rock show…with top comedy headliners…and a live band. Josh Adam Meyers brings in some of your favorite comedians to perform a comedy set, followed by a rock performance with a live, kick ass band. This goes way beyond comedy karaoke- part because the band kills, and part because you’re seeing these comics you know and love in a totally new environment. But it’s also because comedians are, above all else, performers and they know how to act, and they know how to hold an audience. None of the comics are doing an impression; they all disappear completely into the role of rockers the instant the band starts to play.

The Goddamn Comedy Jam blows the roof off any theater they are in, large or small. And it’s tough to explain just how high the crowds feel at the GDCJ shows.  We didn’t know if the energy of being in the room for the Jam would translate when taped; whether television would capture the funk and grittiness in the room. But if you watch Pete Davidson’s set you can see the answer is an unqualified fuck yeah. In this clip, Davidson is joined by surprise guest Coolio and the theater goes outright batshit.

Even though these comedians may not be great rock and roll musicians, they were all phenomenal performers, bringing all their stage skills to the mic, and the house band, Elemenopy, is amazing. There was some kind of meld between the audience, band and performers the way that you would find at a P-funk show. It’s just a fucking great night.

The full hour special premieres on Sunday night at 11:30pm on Comedy Central and features comedy and rock from Pete Davidson, Adam DeVine, Jim Jefferies, Natasha Leggero and Jay Pharoah. Watch the clip below and save Sunday night at 11:30pm to watch the full hour.  And most importantly, keep an eye out for when Josh Adam Meyers and the Goddamn Comedy Jam come to play near you. Get tickets. You won’t regret it.

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