Are These the First Performances of Some of the Greatest Comics Ever? says they have created a compilation video of the first performances by some of the greatest comedians of all time. We can’t officially verify or refute that claim- but it’s pretty safe to say the clips are not these comedians’ first time ever on stage. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to watch these comedy superstars with baby faces and funny haircuts.

You’ll see small snippets from Louis CK in 1987, Seth Rogen in 1994, George Carlin in 1966, Jimmy Fallon in 1997, Robin Williams in the 70’s, Ron White in the 90’s, Bill Burr in 1988, Jim Gaffigan somehow looking older in his early years than he does now, Demetri Martin, Jim Carrey, Billy Crystal, David Letterman, Kevin Hart at Carolines in 1998, Jay Leno in 1976, Aziz Ansari, Gary Shandling on the Tonight Show, Kevin Pollak, Jerry Seinfeld in 1977, Dave Chappelle in ’92, Mitch Hedberg performing in 1995, Richard Pryor in 1964, Bill Hicks on stage in 1981, Patton Oswalt in a sweater vest in 1990, Eddie Murphy at the Comic Strip in 1981, Sarah Silverman in 1992, Chris Rock in 1987, Jon Stewart in 1987, Lenny Bruce in 1966, Gabriel Iglesias in 1998, Eddie Izzard in 1989, Steve Martin in 1968, Steven Wright in the 80’s, Doug Stanhope in 1990, Pablo Francisco in the mid 90’s John Mulaney at Comix, Rodney Dangerfield in 1976 on the Tonight Show, Sam Kinison in the late 70’s, Ken Jeong in 1998, Adam Sandler in 1989 at the Strip, and Katt Williams in the 90’s.

Enjoy, and thanks to for putting this together.

Source: The First Stand-Up Performances of Famous Comedians Supercut by WorldWideInterweb on Rumble


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