Watch the Always Sunny Crew Recreate Seinfeld’s Most Famous Scene


“The Gang Does a Clip Show” on the latest episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and things get incredibly weird.  The madness takes several forms but the most clipworthy is a two minute recreation of one of ’s most iconic scenes from one of the series most iconic episodes.  “The Contest” is recreated in glorious form with Sweet Dee taking on the Elaine role, Mac and Dennis sharing the Jerry role, and Frank becoming the picture perfect George. Enter Charlie as Kramer, and your flashback is complete. The mostly shot for shot recreation is all part of the guys looking back at moments from their own past. They “remember” when they had that “contest” except of course, they’re just “remembering” an episode of “.”

Scroll down for the side by side version, courtesy of reddit.



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