Was Dane Cook Banned For Life From the Laugh Factory?

Was Dane Cook Banned For Life From the Laugh Factory

Sources have reportedly told Entertainment Tonight that Dane Cook has been permanently banned from the Hollywood Laugh Factory after he told the owner “I own this place!” during an argument.  The source claimed that the argument started after Cook used “vulgar, offensive language toward a waitress.”

Although Cook doesn’t “own” the place, he does have a long history with the venue setting and breaking the record for longest performance twice in 2008, and had long considered the club his home base.

We did our own asking around, and it seems that whatever happened, it’s already become somewhat folklore with multiple stories circulating about the reason for Cook’s ban. And they differ from the ET account. If you believe the rumors Cook– who would frequently do pop ins at the Factory was asked not to show up on the night of an important fundraiser.  Supposedly he showed up anyway, and was allowed to go on stage but was asked to respect the light, and come off after a certain time.  He did not, and the story is being told that he “lost his shit on stage” even calling the manager a c— in front of the audience.

Tension between Dane Cook and the Laugh Factory were reportedly rising for some time.  On the May 3 episode of Robert Kelly’s YKWD Podcast, guest host Bert Kreischer was joined by comedians Dave Smith, Joe List, and Jared Logan.  They discussed Cook’s ban, revealing that Cook abused his privileges of dropping into the club and “bumping everybody,” on the lineup.  These drop-ins also included industry showcases, a forum where up-and-coming comedians perform short sets to audition for executives and talent management.  According to the YKWD comics, these young comics on at least one occasion found themselves all bumped in favor of Cook, who does not need to perform at an industry showcase.
“I think Jamie just got tired of it,” said one comedian on the podcast.

Regardless of the reason, several sources have confirmed that Dane Cooks photos that had previously hung on the outside of the building were all removed, and he’s been doing a lot of time at the Hollywood Improv.

Dane’s bio still appears on the Laugh Factory website, but with no upcoming shows currently listed, which of course wouldn’t be unusual, since Dane was accustomed to doing pop-ins.

Cook will be performing tonight at the Hollywood Improv.

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