VICE Looks At Mitch Hedberg’s Legacy 10 Years After His Death


It was 10 years ago this week that the comedy world lost Mitch Hedberg. His amazing talent continues to influence and inspire comedians and adoring fans a decade later. VICE remembered Mitch this week with a look at his legacy with some of today’s top stand ups, Hannibal Buress, Marc Maron, Chris Cubas, Eliza Skinner and Emily Heller.

These 5 comedians shared their thoughts on what made Mitch Hedberg so unique and why appreciation for his work only continues to grow. Here’s some of what these comics remembered about and learned from Mitch Hedberg.

Chris Cubas talked how Mitch didn’t succumb to what people expected comedy to be. Hannibal Buress remembered a time when he was first trying to break into comedy and barged uninvited into a club’s green room to hang with Mitch who didn’t even know him at the time. Eliza Skinner described Mitch Hedberg as a new kind of outrageous.  Emily Heller called Mitch the first comedian she was obsessed with. She talked about having to see him perform even though she wasn’t old enough to get into the club. And Marc Maron discussed how even 10 years after his death, Mitch Hedberg’s influence can still be found.

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