Twitter Furious Over Fortune Feimster Chelsea Handler Video Mocking Sarah Huckabee

Twitter cried bully after Chelsea Handler released a video of Fortune Feimster in a wig and make-up parodying Sarah Huckabee. In the video released earlier this week, Feimster mimics Huckabee putting on her make up, calling it a YouTube Make Up Tutorial. Fortune applies increasingly heavy layers of moisturizer, foundation and make-up, all the while making pol

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itical comments making fun of the Trump administrations positions on Puerto Rico (“my skin is dry just like Puerto Rico before that one rainy day that they had”), Obamacare (“its invisible, just like the link to sign up for Obamacare”), Russia (“this is concealer, it helps with dark circles under your eyes or with Russia investigations), and gay rights.

The video also makes fun of Huckabee’s appearance, with comments like “my face is a big fat biscuit” and joking that Trump asked a make up company to “make [that fella] a woman.” Handler got a slew of complaints on Twitter from social media users criticizing the video for making fun of Huckabee’s appearance, calling it body shaming.

Handler did not remove the video, saying that Sarah Huckabee Sanders “deserves to be taken down.” Handler added, “She is pure evil.”

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