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Old Pope Thinks Gay Marriage is the Anti Christ

Oddly the guy who looks like the Anti Christ thinks he knows what the Anti Christ is up to.

His invincible friend is homophobic.

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Move over Sourdough, Tiny Pancake Cereal is the Next Big Trend

What is this, a pancake for ants?!!

Zoolander… get it, guys?

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Amazon VP Quits to Back Up Recent Firings Of Protesting Workers

With the recent firing of Amazon warehouse workers protesting because of unsafe conditions, an Amazon VP quit in support of their cause.

Sounds like a great movie for Amazon Prime.

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Golds Gym Latest Business On a Long List Filing For Bankruptcy

Golds Gym has announced they’re filing for bankruptcy and now Forbes put together a list of the companies around the country with more than 500 employees who are either going to file or are in deep trouble.

Now is the time to invest in home prison gyms.

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Man Wears KKK Hood As PPE

A man in California was spotted using a KKK hood as a ppe mask while shopping for groceries. The manager made him take it off before he could pay. This also could have been an episode of Racist Impractical Jokers.

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Certain Wendy’s Locations No Longer Serving Burgers

Certain Wendy’s locations in California are no longer serving burgers due to the meat shortage around the country. Time for everyone to get on the Beyond Meat bandwagon.

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ESPN To Show South Korean Baseball

The great American game played by South Koreans? Thanks Covid. You’ve finally broken us.

Oddly The USA has never cared about a Mets game.

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Really? This Guy Thought Not Liking “Fetch the Bolt Cutters.” Is Worth an Article

This guy is stunned that he doesn’t like Fiona Apple’s “Fetch the Bolt Cutters.” He writes “It seems like everyone in the world loves “Fetch the Bolt Cutters. So why don’t I? On the isolation of disconnection.”

Hey bud. Not everyone likes everything. That’s why there are so many radio stations.

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For some reason 1.7 million people are in to Pretending to be Ants

I know things are getting a little weird in quarantine, but this is too far.

Ugh oh ants, here come the murder hornets!

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Sylvester Stallone Working On Demolition Man Sequel

Now that he’s put the Rocky, Rambo and Expendables franchises to bed, Sylvester Stallone now says he’s working with Warner Bros on a sequel to his 1993 movie Demolition Man. Reps for the actor denied reports that Sly is also pushing for a follow up to Over The Top.

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Tom Cruise & Elon Musk To Shoot A Feature Film In Space

Tom Cruise and Elon Musk’s Space X are reportedly working with NASA on a project that would be the first narrative action-adventure film to be shot in outer space. Details are scant, but insiders say that will definitely not be a Battlefield Earth reboot.

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Cindy Crawford Pays Tribute To Michael Jordan

Cindy Crawford paid tribute to Michael Jordan by recreating his signature Nike logo on Instagram wearing a Bulls jersey that Dennis Rodman gave her. For her next post, Crawford is going to do a one person recreation of The Super Bowl Shuffle.

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Patti LuPone Is Now Hollywood’s Biggest Trash Talker

Broadway legend Patti LuPone gives new meaning to IDGAF when asked about her opinion on other actors or the state of the industry. Currently promoting her role on the Netflix series ‘Hollywood’, the two-time Tony Award and Grammy Award winner said Uma Thurman’s 2017 Broadway debut helped ‘lower the standard’ for theater, thought Madonna was a ‘movie killer’ who ‘cannot act her way out of a paper bag’, and would never see ‘Mamma Mia’ because she ‘always hated ABBA’. LuPone also has choice words for Barbara Streisand, Andrew Lloyd Webber, the movie version of ‘Cats’ and superhero movies. Lupone could end the current heatwave with all the shade she’s throwing.

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Going To a Movie Will Be Like Going To The God Damn Airport

Theaters are opening back up in Texas and to even get into the building you need to have your temperature taken and you’ll be asked if anyone in your home has had symptoms in the past two weeks. Might as well take out belts too. Or just not go to the movies.

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Disney Has Taken A Huge Hit

With Disney’s parks all closed, their cruise lines shut down and all five of their movie houses not producing shit, Disney has taken the biggest hit of all with the coming of the coronavirus pandemic. They better start developing VR teacup rides ASAP because this ain’t ending anytime soon.

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Little Girl Writes a Hit Song, Becomes the Voice of the Next Generation

A lot of things are changing, but butthole jokes never die.

Via Twitter.

Brilliant Dude Lets Himself Be Stung By Japanese Murder Hornet

If this the type of pain this guy does for work God knows what he wants done to him in the bedroom.

Via digg.

Here’s Van Nuys Boulevard In 1972

Look back at a simpler time – specifically Van Nuys boulevard in 1972. Children in the future will be horrified no one is social distancing

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