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Alan Dershowitz Sez The State Has Right To Forcibly Vaccinate You

Alan Dershowitz said in an interview the government, under the 10th Amendment, has the right to forcibly vaccinate you to ensure the public health. He also thinks that everyone has the right to sleep with underage girls.

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Trump and His Beloved Hydroxycloroquine

Trump says he’s been taking hydroxycloroquine, the anti-malaria drug that initially had shown some promise in treating Covid19, but has since been discredited as helpful against the virus. Is Trump boasting about taking a drug that the FDA warned against for a virus that he doesn’t have.. or is he LYING about taking a drug that the FDA warned against for a virus that he doesn’t have.

What’s more 2020?

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Chuck E Cheese is Secretly Selling Their Pizza

The pizza usually sold at Chuck E Cheese locations around the world is being secretly sold as ‘Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings’ on Food Delivery Apps for those of you who are missing the taste of a kids party.

Italians, now is your time to take up your own fight about cultural appropriation. Shut that pizza rat down.

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Priest Uses Water Gun to Spray Holy Water

Looks like the Catholic Church is putting the fun back into Sunday Fun Day. If you like holy water in a squirt gun.

You’ll love being hit in the face with a communion wafer pie!

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Texas Parties On The Beach

Nothing here could possibly go wrong. Nothing.

Via digg.

Dudes Rob Store With Watermelons As Masks

Now this is some PPE we can all get behind.

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Here’s How French Children Are Playing At School

Now children will be taught to both color and play within the lines.

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Big Ben Finally Gets Haircut And Shave

Maybe this will make him more mobile in the pocket.



Carole Baskin’s husband’s Signature on His Will Forged?

Handwriting experts are claiming that the signature on Carol Baskin’s husband’s Last Will and Testament was forged.

What took them so long?… Didn’t they even listen to ‘Here Kitty Kitty’??

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NY Times Fears ‘The End of Comedy Central’

NY Times claims the writing is on the wall. They are laying people off and cutting costs. Comedy Central is on it’s way out.

Here’s a Hail Mary. Bring back the Comedy to Comedy Central.

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His Agent Wants You To Know Ryan Seacrest Didn’t Have a Stroke on American Idol !

Many people watching the American Idol finale were concerned about Ryan. He looked off. Then when he didn’t so up for Kelly and Ryan, they freaked.

His agent says he’s OK. Relax.

Okay, then you better bring “SEACREST OUT!”

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Will Corona Virus Kill Quibi !?

Quibi had a game plan. You are busy, so watch short programs while you are in between appointments in your busy day. Then corona hit.

Ummm We need to watch something that fills up the whole day.

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Sez Justin Bieber And Ariana Grande Bought Their Own Music

Tekashi is talking shit about Bieber and Ariana Grande, saying they bought 30k units of their new music to push them to the top of the billboard charts. He also is pissed they don’t dye their own hair.

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