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Pastor Busted For Not Social Distancing

At Catholic dances we always had to leave a little room for the Holy Spirit. Tampa Snake handlers play a
different game.

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Ticket Scalpers Need A Bailout

Ticket brokers around the country are looking to get their business associated with the airline, cruise ship and hotel business to get a bail out from the government. This would be great news for Damone.

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Dudes On Submarines Have No Idea About The Coronavirus Outbreak

Crews of submarines are more than likely totally unaware of what’s happening on dry land since they are purposefully cut off from the world so they can focus on their task at hand. Pro, no one on the sub has covid. Con, masturbating in a tin can for this long has to have gotten old at this point.

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New Yorkers Make the Dumb Move Of Gathering To See Hospital Ship

Trying my best to not be one of the social distance shame people. It’s hard to refrain from judging people who gather at the dock to see the hospital ship.

Maybe if you didn’t mob up to see it, you won’t end up in it!

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Boxer Suspended After Posting Video on How To Hit Women

Billy Joe Saunders is set to face Canelo in May but is now facing suspension after he posted a video giving men advice on how to hit women. Saunders says the video was just a joke but the backlash has been pretty real. We get that how to videos are popular Billy Joe, but that’s some dark shit.

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Tiger King Doc Gets Cold Case Re Opened

A Florida sheriff is re opening the cold case disappearance of Carol Baskin’s husband from 1997. There are tons of Joe Exotic webcasts the sheriff can reference if he wants to really bust this case wide open.

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Of Course There’s An Epstein-Weinstein Connection

Victims of Jeffrey Epstein claim that he would introduce some of them to Harvey Weinstein and use that connection to lure girls in. Adult Swim needs to reboot the Wonder Twins cartoon with these two.

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Rolling Stone Top 50 Rock Memoirs Of All Time

Rolling Stone Named Bob Dylan’s Chronicles As The Greatest Rock Memoir Of All Time. Rounding out the Top 5: ‘Just Kids by Patti Smith; Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run; ‘Mo Meta Blues’ by Questlove and Keith Richards’ ‘Life’. For some odd reason the oral history of GG Allin is nowhere to be seen.

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Bhad Babie and Billie Eilish Will NOT Be QuaranTeammates

Bhad Babie and Billie Eilish were friends before Eilish really blew up, but now Bhad Babie says that she can’t even get a DM back from her “friend”. Maybe in this time of stress they can mend the bridge that is their friendship!

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Margot Robbie and Sam Rockwell Among Names Thrown Around To Play Joe Exotic

Robert Moor who hosts the Tiger King podcast says he’s been involved in casting decisions for Kate McKinnon’s Tiger King movie. Moor says the name that has come up a lot is Sam Rockwell while his top choice is Margot Robbie. David Spade has been sending copies of Joe Dirt to everyone he can think of hoping they see some correlation.

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Jack Black’s On Tik Tok

Thank you Jack Black for giving us joy in a time of high anxiety.

John Krasinski Starts The Good News

It’s very sweet that John Krasinski wants to give the world Some Good News in these troubling times. So why the voice and delivery of a creepy stalker?

Via YouTube.

Who’s The Best TV Character Of The Century?

The Ringer has started a bracket to see who the best TV character of this century is so far. The rules are the show needs to have the majority of their seasons air post January 1st, 2000 and no more than three characters from any one show. Looks like Mulaney got snubbed. Weird.


Ellen Barkin Sued By Photographer For Posting The Picture Of Her Giving Him The Finger

Photographer Stephen Hirsch is suing actress Ellen Barkin, for posting a pic that he shot of her, on her Twitter account without his permission. Barkin, who has over 205,000 followers, has yet to formally respond to the suit. Stone Cold should consider this route if he needs some extra cash.

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The NY Department of Health Wouldn’t Like This Bartender’s Ass Serving Method

This bartender knows how to get a great pour and probably quite a few tips.

Instead of a coaster you get a Lysol wipe.

Via worldstar.

Dog Shows Owns the Trampoline

Everyone likes a big dog who’s best friend is a little boy. Even better when the dog takes that kid to school.

Trampoline School!

Via digg.

Want To Get Your Man’s Attention Away From Video Games? Walk Past Him…Naked!

If you think your husband or boyfriend is spending too much time playing video game, one woman found a way to stop real quick: She walked past him naked. This is going to be an awesome Twitch channel.

Via worldstarhiphop.com.

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