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Now Masks Divide Us

Masks seem to be the latest political dividing point.

OK you will carry an AK47 to make you feel safe but you won’t wear a mask?

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IKEA Releases Their Meatball Recipe

People seem to like Ikea meatballs so they released their recipe this week for everyone stuck at home. Turns out, all you’ll need is some ground pork and an allen key.

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Coronavirus Killed The Flower Trade

Now that all events are canceled. the flower trade has taken a $8.5 billion hit. Also, no one works in an office anymore so there’s no more reason to send your partner flowers to make their coworkers jealous.

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Michael Jordan Confirms ‘Traveling Coke Circus’ Rumors

Michael Jordan confirms that during his rookie year with the Bulls, he once walked into a team party at a local hotel that was loaded with coke, weed and women. Jordan said he immediately left, and became a loner from that point forward. Now we know the identity of their team snitch.

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Joe Buck Turned Down 1 Million To Do Porn Play By Play

Joe Buck turned down an offer from an adult site to commentate 25 live cam through the end of May for 1 million dollars. Buck says he was ‘flattered’ by the offer but declined, saying that he ‘hold onto my day job’. Being the most hated broadcaster in sports is a 24 hour a day gig.

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The Last Dance Ratings are Doing Michael Jordan Numbers

“Last dance
Last chance, for love
Yes, it’s my last chance, for romance, tonight
I need you, by me,
Beside me, to guide me,
To hold me, to scold me,
‘Cause when I’m bad
I’m so, so bad
So let’s dance, the last dance
Let’s dance, the last dance
Let’s dance, this last dance tonight ”

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Did the 49ers Save San Francisco By Losing the Super Bowl??

There is speculation that if the 49ers won the Super Bowl, the city’s parade would have come the worst time; right as Coronavirus arrived in San Francisco but before people were aware, thus creating a massive spread in the Bay Area.

That being said, most fans would have rather the win…

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Tompa Brady Kicked Out Of Tompa Bay Park

The Mayor of Tampa bay has confirmed that Tompa Brady was cited and kicked out of a closed park he was working out at by himself. This never would have happened in Foxborough.



Salma Hayek: Directors Told Me To Sound Dumber And Speak Faster

Salma Hayek said that when she came to Hollywood, directors told her to ‘sound dumber and speak faster’, despite developing an extensive acting background in her native Mexico. In other words, they wanted her to act just like them.

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Branson Mortgages His Caribbean Island For Virgin Bailout

You can’t have a great comeback without bottoming out but this will keep Sir Richard up at night.

Why didn’t he do this for Virgin Records?

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Ellen Is 2020’s Biggest Heel

Ellen’s brand is kindness but is she kind? To her staff? her crew? Anyone?

Don’t worry Ellen could shoot someone on Fifth Ave and not lose the housewives.

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Twitter Ponders 5 Perfect Movies

Easy. All the Die Hard Films. In reverse order!

Via Twitter.

Bad News Nerds : Warner Bros Pushing Back Their Upcoming Superhero Flicks

Guess you guys can just rewatch the 400 others while you wait!

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Stanley Tucci’s Trending Over His Cocktail Making

Ladies are swooning over Tucci making a cocktail on IGTV. Stanley Tucci, more like Stanley Boozi.

One Florida Drive In Was Responsible For This Weekends Entire US Box Office

One drive-in in Florida was responsible for the entire domestic box office this weekend where it showed two new movies.

Movie over Grauman’s Chinese Theater, there’s a new player in town.

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TV Reporter Accidentally Films Showering Spouse During Live Broadcast

Some quick advice for TV Reporters doing your quarantined live shots from your bathroom: Make sure your significant other isn’t coming out of the shower while you’re doing it.

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Man is Completely Unfazed by Nearly Being Flattened by a Truck

Sir, has anyone told you have pigeon energy?

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