Trump Still Trashing Fallon, Adds Colbert and Kimmel to Garbage Pile

President Trump really hates late night television. During a rally in South Carolina he took a bizarre few minutes to talk about how much he hates all three network talk shows.

Fallon was first on his list. Trump had tweeted over the weekend calling out Fallon for apologizing about “humanizing” Trump during the election by ruffling his hair. He told Jimmy to “be a man” and stop apologizing. At the rally he elaborated on his Twitter comments. “The poor guy” he said, “because now he’s going to lose us all” referring to his supporters. He also called fallon a “lost soul” doing an impression of Fallon on stage that was less than flattering. “He got tremendous ratings on that show he should be thankful” he said, adding “What is it two years later he’s apologizing? And he really hurt himself. So I said Jimmy, you called me up after the show and you thanked me for the monster ratings. I said don’t hurt yourself for apologizing. I said to him today on social media I said Jimmy, be a man. Just relax.”

Fallon isn’t the only one Trump is trashing tonight– he took on all three network late night hosts, seeming to suggest that if someone who supported him would get on late night television, it would be a big success. “If someone would open a talk show at night,” he said, never really completing the thought.

He called Colbert– that guy on CBS– a lowlife, and said is “terrible” after sharing a story about how Kimmel used to open Trump’s door for him.

“Honestly, are these people funny?” he asked the crowd. “And I can laugh at myself. Frankly, if I couldn’t I’d be in big trouble. But there’s no talent. They’re not talented people. Jimmy Carson was talented.” he said.

During the five minute clip you’ll hear Trump brag about how real his hair is, how great his sense of humor is, and how smart his wife is for predicting that The Apprentice would not succeed with out him. Listen to the clip below.

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