Trump vs Trump The Battle of Impressions: Who Are You Voting For?

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Trump Impressions Battle 2016

Anthony Atamanuik vs Alec Baldwin: May the Best Trump Win

The world has more Trump impressions than you could even imagine. Between television, stage and of course the internet, you could spend a full day watching people doing their best to capture Trump’s Trumpness, and still not see them all. But two have emerged as the front runners in the race to be the greatest Trump impression of all time.


Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is probably the most recent to join the ranks of those publicly channeling The Don. He started doing his Trump impression only three weeks ago, during the Saturday Night Live Season 42 Premiere. With the help of the SNL hair and makeup department, and Saturday Night Live writers, Baldwin has used his to captured the interest of all of America for three weeks in a row.


Anthony Atamanuik

Anthony Atamanuik dove headfirst into the Trumpyverse back when we were still in the wee primary stages of the 2016 Presidential Election. He paired up with comedian James Adomian who rocked the funniest Bernie Sanders in the biz and actually went on tour with his impression in the Trump vs Bernie Debate Tour hitting up comedy festivals, clubs, an epic @midnight episode and ultimately landing on the Fusion network with an hour special, and they even recorded a live debate album, available now.  Atamanuik will also be headlining a special for the New York Comedy Festival called Trump Dump: The Last Rally.


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