Trump Continues to Divide America: Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett Get Into Scrum at Pre-Emmy Party

Tom Arnold has a new show debuting on Viceland on Tuesday- a reality series titled “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes.”   We haven’t seen it but it sounds reminiscent of Michael Moore’s “Roger and Me” but with less-than-documentarian Tom Arnold at the reigns.  Tom is quite focused on the fact that there are outtakes from The Apprentice that show the President using racial slurs and saying all kinds of things that should be public record. He’s been attacking Mark Burnett for months, insisting that Burnett is protecting the President by protecting those tapes.

With all that background, fast forward to Sunday night at a pre-Emmy party at the Lawn at Century Park

Sources report that around 9:30pm local time, both men were walking into the event and a physical tussle took place.  Sources say Arnold came charging at the Burnetts as they entered the party.  Tom says Mark tried to choke him but the eyewitness just says Burnett pushed back. Burnett’s wife, Roma Downey, says she was bruised during the altercation, and says Arnold ambushed Burnett.

Tom Arnold tweeted that Burnett went apeshit and choked him, and then ran away with a torn shirt and missing gold chain (now identified to be a crucifix), and called Roma Downey a liar and says he’ll sue her for defamation.  Arnold says he was waiting for the LAPD. Arnold is also claiming there is video of the fight.

Security broke up the fight and both men went to the party. Later Patton Oswalt tweeted a photo with Arnold saying “we’ve got to protect this brutal angel.”

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