Todd Barry Returns to Late Night- Where He Made His Television Debut

Todd Barry returned to Late Night – the show where he made his television debut at the age of 18 in a viewer mail segment with David Letterman. He talked about that debut when he was only 18 and living in South Florida. Barry told the story back in 2015 when SiriusXM’s Bennington Show created a special about the effect David Letterman had on the careers of comedians, and retold it on his debut on Seth Meyers’ show last night. Essentially, a teenage Todd Barry wrote to Dave saying he could do a killer Paul Shaffer impression. Dave read the letter on the air. Barry would later go on to perform stand up eight times on Letterman’s show. See the letter and the clip here.

Barry also explained his #FreeStuffForTodd campaign- his plan to get stuff for free from companies all over the world. It doesn’t seem to have gone very well, if you believe his comments to Seth, all he’s gotten is some Pop Chips, and a high-end litter box for his trouble.

He’s also celebrating 30 years in stand up today, November 1. Follow Todd on Twitter @ToddBarry and wish him a Happy Anniversary.

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