Todd Barry Hurts Stephen Colbert’s Feelings Over a Baked Potato

Tuesday night on the Late Show, Todd Barry braved the Blizzard of 2017 to hang out with Stephen Colbert to talk about his new book, Thank You for Coming to Hattiesburg.  The book is all about Barry’s travels on the road across America’s small towns, and Barry and Colbert got into trading road stories.

Todd told a story about being out on the road touring with Jon Stewart that involved a fight over a Dave Matthews Band song.  The two comics were on a four-hour drive to Ithaca College.  Stewart, it seems, likes a good DMB tune as much as the next guy– as long as the next guy isn’t Todd Barry, who is more of a punk rock fan. The song came on twice, Barry felt once was enough, and fighting ensued.

Colbert was happy to laugh at Barry’s arguments with his friend and producer Jon Stewart, but seemed a bit miffed to find out that when Barry visited Colbert’s own hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, Todd’s favorite meal in Charleston was a dry baked potato in a Styrofoam container from the nearby airport. Watch the clip, buy the book, and make sure you visit Hattiesburg.

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