Tina Fey Comes Out During Super Storm to Cold Open SNL

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.24.35 AM

Broadway was dark, many movie theaters closed, but SNL went live last night despite a record breaking snow storm, with a ban on driving in the city, and above ground subways shut down.

Tina Fey made a surprise return last night to Saturday Night Live to cold open the show with an update to her Sarah Palin character doing some campaigning for Donald Trump played by Darrell Hammond. Fey’s Sarah Palin impression was pretty flawless in 2008, but Palin has upped her crazy since then, and Fey’s portrayal of the new 2016 Palin might even top the original.

Ronda Rousey hosted with with Selena Gomez doubling as musical guest and co-host.  The episode won’t make any top ten lists unless someone is making a list of Ronda Rousey’s top ten Saturday Night Live appearances, and Rousey’s monologue was, in a word, awkward. But there were still some great moments, including SNL’s look at the #OscarSoWhite Scandal starring Taran Killam, Pete Davidson, Beck Bennett, Bobby Moynihan, Jon Rudnitsky.

Next week Larry David is scheduled to host.



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