Tig Notaro Relieved Louis C.K. No Longer Attached to One Mississippi

Tig Notaro appeared on The View this week and told Joy Behar its a “huge relief” that Louis C.K. has been removed from her show One Mississippi. Tig said she found out that “this was happening” referring to the allegations of sexual misconduct right after the sold the show to Amazon Studios. That was about two years ago, and since then she said she has been publically trying to distance herself from C.K. She says she knew first hand that the rumors were true but says it wasn’t her place to call him out or out the other person’s story.

When asked if she ever had a personal experience with harassment, Notaro seemed to hesitate before saying “ummmm, nothing like that…but…yeah. Yeah. Like I said, I started distancing myself.” She also addressed the scene in this season’s show where Tig’s love interest is forced to watch her boss masturbate at his desk. Notaro did not say directly whether this was or wasn’t a message to C.K., but she did say that every story on the show is based in reality. “Our entire writer’s room is all female, and every person in the room has had an experience with assault, abuse, or harassment in some way,” Notaro said. “Every single one. There’s six [writers] and a female writer’s assistant. Every story on One Mississippi is based in truth, and it’s not necessarily my truth, but it’s somebody truth. Something somebody experienced, or knew of the experience happening, and we wanted to recreate that.”

Back in August Notaro famously told Louis C.K. to take care of the rumors that were amping up about his sexual misconduct.

Seasons one and two of One Mississippi is available on Amazon Prime now. Watch the clip from The View below.

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