Tig Notaro Got a New Kitten Named Fluff

Tig Notaro was on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, and talked about her upcoming HBO Special, Boyish Girl Interrupted, her documentary, Tig, which is currently on Netflix, her recent Showtime series Knock Knock It’s Tig Notaro. She’s very busy but in the midst of it all, she got a new kitten. A kitten who jumps all over the bed, all night, bites toes, bats hair and creates all kinds of mischief. A kitten named Fluff. You can play it cool all you like Tig, but we see the Fluff love in your eyes.

Tig also shared a great story about the night she missed watching her very first television appearance because she wanted to check out an airport hotel vending machine. Hit the second clip to hear Tig share an embarrassing story about getting something notarized with her girlfriend and then speculate like the gossipy hen you are.

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