Thursday March 19: Daily Links



There Are Seven States That DNGAF About Coronavirus

Rachel Maddow called out seven states that have been doing little to nothing to combat spread of the Coronavirus which are Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho and Wyoming. Maybe Trump can just border wall up each of those territories to get this under control.


Dudes 3D Printing Ventilator Parts Threatened With Lawsuit By Obvious Evil Assholes

Two men started 3D printing vital ventilator valves and selling them for $1 to hospitals and the original manufacturers are threatening lawsuits. That is if there are any lawyers willing to serve these guys with papers and break social distancing.



Black Churches Are Having Tough Time Dealing With The ‘Rona Virus

Medium put out a profile on how black churches are dealing with the outbreak of coronavirus. Many cant’ afford to close or they’ll shut down. They could all start streaming on Tik Tok, that is if they’re attractive and rich enough.


These Are The Most Expensive Cities To Live In

Here’s a list of the world’s most expensive cities to live in as of 2020. Wait until 2021 Post-Corona and the most expensive cities are spread out mid-western towns in the US.

1. (tie) Singapore
1. (tie) Osaka, Japan
1. (tie) Hong Kong
4. New York City, New York
5. (tie) Paris
5. (tie) Zurich, Switzerland
7. Tel Aviv, Israel
8. (tie) Los Angeles, California
8. (tie) Tokyo
10. Geneva, Switzerland


Playboy Magazine Is Officially Dead and Blames Corona

Playboy Magazine will no longer be a printed publication, citing coronavirus supply chain woes that have only served to exacerbate its already sagging newsstand sales. Where will we get our porn now?! WHERE?!


NY Strip Club Is Offering FREE VR Lapdances!

Die Happy Tonight, a New York-based members-only strip club “for the modern discerning man,” is launching virtual reality lap dances for free to anyone self-isolating themselves at this time. Well, it’s not a lapdance, we need a new name, headset dance? Does that work?


Drones Are Yelling at People to Go Inside

Have you had a weird feeling that you are in an alternate earth that takes place in a sci movie?

Maybe you are.


And Now, Check Out Idiot Spring Breakers Flaunting Their Youth And Immune Systems

Cool spring break kids keep on partying.  Who knew Spring Breakers was a documentary from the future.

‘Where the boys are
Someone waits for me,
A smiling face, a warm embrace,
Two arms to hold me tenderly
Where the boys are
My true love will be’

Via digg.


Friends Reunion Postponed

Great Now the God damn shit eating Coronavirus has caused a postponement of the Friends reunion that we need now more than ever.

Can we at least get Gunther and one of Phoebe’s old boyfriends!?


Bono Whips Up a New Song Fast. Maybe Too Fast

Bono shares a new song inspired by coronavirus isolation. OK it could have been worse. Could have been a poem.

Via cnn.


Cavalcade Of Stars Bust Out Acapella Quarantine Version Of Imagine

This is sweet and fun. But now the flood gate is open. Expect this to be done over and over and over again with varying degrees of success and annoyance in the coming months



Bucs Fan Is Not Happy About Brady At All!

Most people see Tom Brady coming to the Bucs as a huge treat, all this guy sees in Michael Jordan on the Wizards.

Christ The Redeemer Statue In Rio Lit Up For The World

Finally, adding a little color to Christ the Redeemer. It’s been so blah for so long.

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