The Comedians Call It! 57 Great Comics Tell Us Who Will Be the Next Big Thing in 2020

For two weeks we’ve been blah blah blah’ing about who kerrrrrr-ushed 2019 in comedy, but that’s really old news right?  For those of you who are ready to move on, we’ve got our SIXTH ANNUAL inside scoop on who all our favorite comedians are predicting will have a gigantic 2020.  The Comedians Call It: 57 Great Comics Tell Us Who Will Be the Next Big Thing in 2020.

Forget all the industry lists telling you who is up and coming– this list is about comedians by comedians. Comedians know who is ready and who is getting buzz.  So if you want to know who has “it” right now, this is your list.

In 2014, our comedy friends told us that Joe List and Nate Bargatze were going to be the guys to explode in 2015, and they did- in fact Nate went on to win Stand Up Comedian of the Year in 2015. In 2015, everyone was talking about Greg Stone and he’s become one of our favorite young comics. In 2016 year the word on the street was that Tim Dillon was going to be big, and now everyone knows what a killer he is. In 2017 Dina Hashem, Ryan Hamilton and Ian Fidance got big love. Now Ryan is a big headliner with a hit Netflix special, Dina got national attention and Ian is touring with Dave Attell, and he’s a frequent guest on every radio show we know. Last year,  Fahim Anwar and Katie Hannigan and Jessica Kirson got the buzz.  Kirson had a huge 2019 and everyone’s predicting she’ll have an even bigger 2020. Kirson has dominated this list this year, and we also see love for Bonnie McFarlane, and Tim Dillon to be the next big thing. Find out who else the buzz in the comedy-verse as these great comics tell us who is going to pop this coming year.

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Adam Ray (@adamraycomedy)

I’m a comedian actor lover friend confidant stepson, most importantly. I think the breakout comedian of 2020 is going to be Kelsey Cooke. She’s honest. She’s sweet. She’s kind. Raw. She’s got a point of view that I did. I think the masses are starting to pick up on it. So 2020 look for more comedy gems and appearances on your tv sets from the one and only Kelsey Cooke.

Amy Miller (@amymiller)

My favorite person to watch right now is probably Vanessa Gonzalez. She just did her half hour, which I think just aired. She’s from Austin. She’s so so funny and weird and fun on stage and really nice and I’m excited for everything she’s going to do.

Andrew Schulz (@andrewschulz)

What’s up it’s Andrew Schulz. I think the breakout comic of 2020 is going to be Akaash Singh. He’s really hitting the YouTube videos, instagram, Twitter content hard, getting a lot of good stuff out there. I think he’s going to put out a full project towards the middle of the year and I think that’s really going to take him over the top. So yeah, Akaash Singh for sure.

Anthony DeVito (@anthonydevito_)

The breakout comedian of 2020 will be Scott Chaplain. I think he’s super ambitious, in the subject matter that he’s trying to take on in comedy. I’m not saying that he’s pulling it off but, its great that he’s doing it. In all seriousness, I think he’s original, I think he’s funny, I think he’s kind, I don’t think he’s very smart. I think his IQ is worrisome.

Ari Shaffir (@arishaffir)

I believe that the breakout comedian of 2020 will be a tie between Dave Chappelle, Michelle Wolf, Louis C.K. and Bill Burr. Maybe Joe Rogan also. I think those guys are ready to be primed for stardom. I think people are ready to finally know their names. I think that’s why this year, those guys are going to be the ones you hear about. Also, again, Luis Gomez will not be a star. And also for real. This seems like a kiss assy move but for real. I think Bennington has a chance to get a name this year as a stand up comic. And Bobby Kelly will die of a heart attack in 2023.

Avery Pearson (@funnyavery)

I think the breakout comedian of 2020 will be Jade Catta Preta. My friend! An hilarious comedian and I love her. She’s done a ton of television, Californication, a bunch of stuff but now she’s going to be the host of The Soup and I can’t think of anyone who would do a better job. She’s hysterical. She’s fun. She’s cool. She once got my wife a purse when my wife didn’t have a purse. So think about that- anyone who needs a purse she’s the right person to hit up. But yes, the breakout comedian of 2020- I’m calling it! Jade! Catta! Preta!!

Beth Stelling (@Bethstelling)

I think the breakout comedian of 2020 is going to be Daniel Webb. He sometimes opens for me on the road and he is hilarious. To the point where my family will be like when are you bringing Daniel again! His energy is really contagious. His jokes come at you quick. He’s got a very unique perspective. He’s out of Austin, Texas, he lives in L.A. now and he’s really funny.

Big Jay Oakerson (@bigjayoakerson)

I think the breakout comic of the year is going to be- there’s no doubt in my mind. It’s not even a guess here. It’s obvious. Shane The Young Bull Gillis. What? Oh.

Brad Williams (@funnybrad)

The name that you’re all going to want to know is Ryan Niemiller. Now, maybe many of you already know Ryan. He was a semi-finalist on Americas Got Talent. He’s really coming up. He’s really smart. He has a disability, but his act isn’t entirely about his disability which for me as a little person I can really respect as a fellow comic with a disability. He’s also a great guy. Ryan Niemiller. No fingers, no hands, all the talent. You’re going to love him. Watch him and get real familiar with the stuff.

Carmen Christopher (@carmchristopher)

Annie Donnelly. She’s a psychopath and she’s funny and she’s crazy and someone’s going to give her some kind of platform to pop off and then she’s gone and we’ll never see her again. She’s going to be too big.

Casey Balsham (@caseybalsham)

I think the break comedian must be Robby Slowik. Because not only is he handsome but he’s also very funny and talented. And so help me god if he doesn’t break out, we might break up so help me.

Cipha Sounds (@ciphasounds)

I think the one and only Jessica Kirson. Jessica is one of the funniest comics. I literally, anytime I host a comedy show, she’s on the show, I stay and watch her every time and I laugh continuously. So funny, so clever. I think someone who should have already been a star. So let’s go universe. Let’s get her in the mix.

Chris Gethard (@chrisgethard)

My pick is Martin Urbano. I think the guy is just funny in his bones. He does the alt shows he does some ofthe clubs and I think he’s got some of the hardest jokes anywhere right now. I think he’s someone who is showing you can still do very messed up dark topics and make them funny and palatable even to the most liberal audiences, cause he’s just such a skilled joke writer. And I can’t see him flying under the radar too much longer.

Dan Soder (@dansoder)

I’m picking a guy I already picked before, Shane Gillis. But I think he’s breaking back out again. They locked him up and he’s going to break out. Is that how this works? Right? Now let the complaint tweets begin.

Dante Nero (@dantenero)

I think the breakout comedian for 2020 is going to be Andre D. Thompson. I think he has a really natural energy, and he’s honest and truthful. And he loves doing comedy. He loves the process of growth and creating

Dave Attell (@attell)

My big pick for 2020, I’d say Andrew Yang, this longshot, but he’s a good man. Oh wait, comics. Let’s see. Oh boy that’s a tough one. I’ve been working with two guys over the last couple of years. They are awesome and I think both of them deserve a break. And I want good things for both of them. One of them would be big Ian. Ian Fidance. And Louis Katz. So check them both out. I’m an old comic so what do I know but I think both these guys are super funny so check that out.

Dina Hashem (@dinahashem_)

I think the breakout comedian of 2020 will be Dan Perlman. I think he’s one of the best writers out there and he works very very hard. He was a Montreal New Face and has so any perfect jokes. He just recoded a killer album that everyone should hear when it comes out. I chose him as a friend back in 2013 when it made sense to bet on the success of a straight jewish man. And there have been some obstacles but I know fame and fortune are on the way for him and I’m very excited.

Don Jamieson (@realdonjamieson)

I’m predicting a big 2020 for Jessica Kirson. She’s got the backing of the man Bill Burr himself. She’s a terrific comic, a terrific lady. I’ll go out on a limb too, I’ll take a longshot. Kevin Brennan turns over a new leaf and becomes America’s sweetheart. I wouldn’t be actual money on that prediction, but.

Earl Skakel (@earlskakel)

I think the breakout comedian in 2020 is a girl I have seen recently by the name of Chandler Barbee. She’s very funny, very dry and sarcastic. And she’ slike a triple threat cause she’s also a very accomplished but slightly unknown UCB student. That is my pick, but I also picked the Steelers to win the Super B

Eddie Pepitone (@eddiepepitone)

My breakout pick for comics in 2020 is J.T. Habersaat out of Austin Texas who runs an incredible festival called the Altercation festival. And J.T. is an amazing storyteller. When you listen to his stories, you go, thank god my life isn’t that weird. And that’s my pick!

Emma Willmann (@iamemmawillmann)

I think the breakout comedian is going to be Robin Shaw because he’s loveable, different, charismatic and a hard worker and I know I’m right.

Gary Gulman (@garygulman)

My pick for the breakout star of 2020 is Dina Hashem. Hilarious. A singular voice in comedy. One of my favorites of all time.

Greg Stone (@gregstone__)

Maddy Smith. She makes me laugh when I see her and she’s very funny on stage. Says a lot of people. And. She’s the one I just thought of too. Oh boy. This isn’t going well.

Ian Fidance (@ianimal)

This year I’m going to say there’s this comic I’ve really been enjoying watching– Reggie Conquest. I’ve seen him, I came up with him in philly. He’s just so funny on and off stage and he’s getting into acting as well. He’s so talented, in so many different ways. It’s really cool to see where he’s going and where he’s going to go.

Jared Freid (@jtrain56)

My breakout comedian of 2020- Maddie Wiener. She’s a young comic working very hard in Chicago. Hilarious and fun and working at it. Like busting it out over in Chicago and is going to probably come to New York at some point.

Jeremiah Watkins (@jeremiahstandup)

I think the breakout comedian of 2020 will be Dan Soder. He just had an amazing special drop on HBO, you can hear him every week on The Bonfire on SiriusXM and pretty much every podcast or show that he does, he just adds something special and unique. He’s a great improvisor and actor, and that’s my choice.

Jessica Kirson (@jessicakirson)

I think the breakout comedian of 2020 will be Frank Liotti because he’s brilliant and fearless. Check him out.

Jim Florentine (@MrJimFlorentine)

My breakthru comedian for 2020 is Kevin Brennan. I feel like Kevin’s going to have a positive attitude. His New Years resolution is he’s going to be nice to people. He’s going to be friendly and very nice and upbeat on stage. So I’m picking Kevin Brennan. All positive vibes from that man.

Joe DeRosa (@joederosacomedy)

I think the breakout star is going to be Tim Dillon. This man is here to save us all. He’s gay, he’s republican, he’s going to level the playing field. First straight white men were evil. Then Chappelle brought us back to just straight men being evil. And now Tim is going to bring us back to all men being evil. And we’ll get back to basics. Men vs women like the good old days.

Jon Rudnitsky (#jonrudnitsky)

I think the breakout comedian of this year is Gavin Matts. I think he’s the perfect combination of silly and smart and just a real nice guy. Just had his Conan debut and I think big things are coming for him.

Josh Adam Meyers (@joshadammeyers)

My pick is Avery Pearson. Avery has played second fiddle and has sat in the background over the last five years and just perfected his comedic styling and it’s all coming together right now. Avery – the main writer of Comedy Gives Back which is this huge charity song for Christmas that was just released. I just think Avery is really going to have a fantastic year.

Josh Gondelman (@Joshgondelman)

I think the breakout comedian is going to be Janelle James. She’s already killing it everywhere and this is not a secret. She is on the upcoming season of Black Monday on Showtime and I think the public is going to catch up to how good she’s been. She has her own festival. I don’t know what else you could want from someone.

Kurt Metzger (@kurtmetzger)

My pick for the breakout comedian of 2020– I’m going to say Tim Dillon. I’m going to tell you what sealed it for me. It was the Epstein Temple Halloween costume. It’s hilarious. I’m basing this almost solely on that. It’s one of the funniest things I ever saw.

Liz Miele (@lizmiele)

My choice for breakout comdian of next year is Jessica Kirson. She’s always doing things- I”m not saying she hasn’t had a fruitful and amazing career. But it just makes me so happy and excited that bill Burr is producing her special. I think everybody in New York loves her and appreciates her and clearly she has fans. But I think this year is when the world knows just how hard working and talented and wonderful and kind she is. And I’m just excited for her. I have no doubts that next year will be a big year for her.

Liza Treyger (@glittercheese)

My breakout comedian for 2020 are the boys from Gayme Show where a straight man plays to be the queen of the straights. Matt Rogers and Dave Mizzone. I think they’re both so talented, so funny, they dress well, they’re attractive, they’re multi talented. They sing. They dance. They’re quick. They can write. They can act. There’s just so much depth there. I think they’re already more succesful than me. They are just the most unique voices in comedy right now.

Mark Normand (@marknorm)

Mark Normand here! Comedy’s my name….Oh god I hate myself, why would I even try that little run. Okay, sorry. Yeah, whose the next up and coming comic? I like this young cat Ian Lara. He’s about 4 foot 1, he looks black but I think he’s Dominican. I don’t know. He’s one of those off the boat people. But he’s from Queens, he’s hilarious, he’s got a hell of a smile, very handsome. Good egg. He used to open for me but now I think he’s headlining his own stuff. Just did the Tonight Show. He did a thing on HBO. He’s kicking ass! He’s a cute little Jew and I’m a big fan. And just a sweet kid. He’s got a nice car and a hell of a wardrobe, so check out Ian Lara and praise Allah.

Matteo Lane (@matteolane)

My pick for Breakout Comedian for 2020 will be Mia Jackson. Mia Jackson has her Comedy Central half hour special, she opened for Amy Schumer for a long time but besides that she’s just so funny, so nice, so great. Everyone loves her. She walks into a room lights it up. She always kills it on stage. She’s just a very rare special person and I really believe in her talent and she’s a very close friend of mine. So I will say Mia Jackson. Go follow her on every social media platform you can.

Mike Cannon (@iammikecannon)

I think the breakout comedian is going to be Jessica Kirson. She’s been poised to make the jump for a really long time. She’s been a powerhouse comedian for years- finally enough people are going to see that. She’s going to be exposed to a mass audience. I mean she’s an absolute hurricane on stage and writes brilliant shit all of the time. She’s going to have a big year.

Mike Feeney (@iammikefeeney)

I think the breakout artist of 2020 is going to be Brendan Sagalow. He is relatively unknown and by that I mean wildly unknown but he’s so funny, kills all around the city and he’s a joy to be

Monroe Martin (@monroemartinIII)

My breakout comic for 2020 is Reggie Conquest. Because he’s fat and funny and that’s a good mix. I don’t know any fat comics who aren’t funny. If he loses weight, his career is over. It means that he’s teetering. Reggie Conquest is my guy.

Nate Bargatze (@natebargatze)

My pick for breakout comedian will be Joe Zimmerman. I am a huge fan of Joe. Unbelievably funny. It’s his time. He’s going to make some noise, I think. A super funny dude so check him out.

Paul Morrissey (@paulmorrissey)

I think the breakout comedian of 2020 is going to be Jimmy O Yang. Some of you guys may know him from his part on Silicon Valley. And if you haven’t seen him, I’m sure he’s got a special coming out. I’ve seen him a few times recently, just going to the next level. But Jimmy is really one of the good guys in comedy. Just really working hard on stand up and I think everyone’s going to know him by 2020.

Paul Virzi (@PaulVirzi)

I think the comedian that’s going to break out is Aaron Webber. Hilarious comedian from Nashville Tennesee. Worked with him; kills; and for a comic that’s young, he’s juut got it and I think that he’s going to turn into a monster. So look out for Aaron Webber.

Pete Lee (@peteleetweets)

Her name is Becky Robinson. She’s not a New York comedian, but she’s an LA comedian. You will probably see her soon in the next season of Saturday Night Live. She does characters, she does stand up. She’s one of the funniest people, and if you haven’t heard of…

Rell Battle (@rellbattle)

The comic I think is going to have a breakout years is a comic named Sheng Wang. He’s a dope comic, I think he’s from Texas, lived in New York for a little while and now he’s in L.A. He wrote for Fresh Off the Boat, a show on ABC. He had a Comedy Central Half Hour. He opens for Ali Wong right now perfoming at theaters all over the place. He’s got a show called Yellow Fever with Sheng Wang. Really funny comic man, one of the best writers I’ve ever seen. And I can get to the clubs for free, but I’d pay money to go see this guy. He puts that pen to that pad, I think Sheng is going to have an incredible year this year. I really do.

Rich Vos (@richvos)

I’m always right. Last year I predicted Jessica Kirson. Go over the tapes, I predicted her, she’s blowing up. This year, I’m going to have to go with the Kreeps With Kids Tour. That’s going to blow up. Now if I had to go with a comic– and if it seems like i’m saying this because she’s sitting right next to me– but Bonnie McFarlane is definitely going to blow up this year. I have inside information. I’m not saying it because she’s sitting right next to me, we live together, we eat together and we sleep together. I’m saying it because I have inside info.

Robert Kelly (@robertkelly)

My name is Robert Kelly. My pick is Jeff Stone. I think Jeff Stone is going to be the guy who pops out. And everybody is going who? It’s not even like you heard of him. I’m picking somebody– most you guys pick somebody who everybody’s heard of. I’m picking the underneath the underdog. I’m picking the guy nobody even knows. Like you walk by in the street…you didn’t even know he’s a comic. Funny. Married. Probably half homosexual which is great for now because he’s italian. He’s got background. He’s bi, and that’s what all the Networks are looking for. And he’s go them. Jeff Stone.

Sal Vulcano (@salvulcano)

I think the breakout comedian is going to be Gary Vider. He’s an hysterical comedian. Everytime I see him I laugh even if I’ve seen his jokes before. I do that thing with Gary where I retell his jokes to friends. He’s great. His delivery on stage is so unique to him, I don’t know anyone who is really doing it like he is. And he’s just as funny to talk to offstage. He’s got a new comedy album coming out beause I was there in Vegas when he recorded it. And that’s coming out soon and he killed it. I think he deserves his own hour special and for everyone to know his name. Gary Vider.

Sandy Danto (@sandydanto)

I think the breakout comedian of 2020 is going to be Esther Povitsky. She just taped her Comedy Central special that comes out in 2020. I went to the taping. She crushed. She’s all over your tvs. She’s on the new show Doll House. She’s so funny. She’s going to brekaout in 2020, no doubt.

Sean Donnelly (@seanytime)

I think the breakout comic of 2020 is going to be a comic named Tommy McNamara and the reason I say this is because he’s a super funny dude who is just pure fun on stage. He’s a great joke writer. Also does some offbeat musical stuff but that doesn’t come off cheesy, it just comes off straight up fun. Knows exactly what he’s doing; been around the block but he’s also a fun…young…doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing.

Seaton Smith (@seatonsmith)

The breakout artist is, I would say Eagle Witt. I don’t even know if he’s going to be that big…yet… I know he’s going to be big soon. He’s just young, funny, interesting and I enjoy watching every time he’s on stage. Whatever ignorant shit he’s saying, I’m digging it so I’m gonna throw him out there.

Shane Torres (@shanetorres)

Tom Thakkar. His half hour dropped this past year, he’s getting booked more and he’s got some other exciting stuff on the horizon. So give him a listen and listen to his podcast, Stand By Your Band.

Tammy Pescatelli (@tammypescatelli)

The breakout comedian of 2020 is going to be Bonnie McFarlane. Because she’s always amazing. And then it will be good for me because she’s going to pull me along with her.

Tim Dillon (@timjdillon)

I think the breakout comedian is going to be Meg Stadtler. Go follow her on Twitter, she’s hilarious. She does videos, she’s a funny stand up, she’s got a funny show on line. I think she’s going to have a great year. She’s incredibly funny, and creative. And she puts all her content out for people to enjoy. That’s what comedians have to do now. I say it’s her year.

Tommy Johnagin (@tommyjohnagin)

My breakout comedian is Joe List. I picked him to breakout before and he did breakout but I don’t think he broke out enough. This guy needs to be more broke. Joe List 2020.

Wil Sylvince (@wilsylvince)

I think the breakout comic for 2020, I’m going to go with Sean Patton. His comedy is so unique, its extremely funny. Not just unique. Funny obviously has to be there. He talks about things that a lot of people are probably not talking about right now.. The uniqueness of his comedy and his delivery is uncanny. Yeah. Sean Patton.

Yannis Pappas (@yannispappas)

I believe the breakout comedian of 2020 is gonna be Tyler Fisher. The kid has endless talent. You gotta go check his Bill Burr impersonation its ridiculous. He’s so funny and the kid is going through a lot of personal stuff. I can relate to that cause I’ve had a lot of family stuff and that really drags you down. That kid is ready to fly and 2020 is going to be his year. His album’s coming out and people are really going to start hearing about Tyler Fischer.



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