The Biggest Comedy-Generating News Stories of 2015

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These are the news stories that kept every comedian busy on twitter, that kept the writers rooms for every daytime and late night show buzzing, kept Funny or Die and other digital sketch writers happy and kept the bloggers of the world busy. These 10 news stories generated the most comedy sketches, joke tweets, and digital shorts everywhere. They were the stories that seemed to never go away, the stories that generated halloween costumes, and dominated twitter. The ten biggest comedy-generating news stories of 2015.

The Coming Out of Caitlyn Jenner

When Bruce Jenner revealed to the world he was in the process of becoming a woman everyone took notice. By the time he had officially become Caitlyn, and announced the name, Caitlyn was already receiving awards. Whether you were on her side or against her, you definitely had some sort of opinion on the matter.  And the comedy was everywhere, restrained only by those who felt the topic was too sensitive for jokes.



Everyone Became Obsessed With Robert Durst

HBO has a great track record of shows with mass appeal that you have to watch in order to be in a conversation with anyone at work the next day, The Jinx was no different. The story of Robert Durst gripped America, and watching this man talk about the murders he was accused of committing had everyone talking. Durst ended up getting arrested the day before the finale aired because of new evidence from the series itself, and this weird little man entered the comedy conversation and stayed there for months.


Cecil the lion Killed By a Dentist

Cecil the Lion was not only the major attraction over at Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, but was also the focus of a University of Oxford Study, which is why when he was shot by Big-Game Hunter/Dentist Walter Palmer, the world went CRAZY. People attacked the Dentist’s Yelp page with awful reviews on him, memes went everywhere about the guy, pictures found of him with other dead animals and he even made Jimmy Kimmel cry live on his show!


What Color Was the Dress?

What is the internet if not a place where people can literally disagree on EVERYTHING? Even the color of a dress. When someone uploaded this picture of a dress it sparked worldwide debate that just asked a simple question: Blue & Black or White & Gold. It was like the civil war for a new generation.



Deflate Gate Takes Over Super Bowl Talk

The New England Patriots have a history of being called cheaters by the general public and this did not change after their Super Bowl win. Jokes about Brady and his deflated balls took over Facebook with memes dedicated to the issue. The ongoing trials and Brady’s famous courtroom sketch were just fuel added to the fire.


Lamar Odom Becomes a Victim of the Kardashian Lifestyle

The Kardashian’s not only dominated the news with Caitlyn Jenner and well…being the Kardashians, they also were at the center of NBA player Lamar Odom and his fall from grace. When Odom was found unconscious at a brothel and was later hospitalized with serious conditions. There was non stop debate about how much of his problems were caused by the Kardashian shuffle,  being married to Khloe and people wondering how long she would stay at his side.



TRUMP Fever Takes Hold in America

Every writer on SNL and Late Night Tall Show host must have jumped for joy the day Donald Trump announced he was running for president. The usual orange skin, tycoon and hair jokes were not all that was needed because Trump was sure to crate soundbite after soundbite on his media circus/tour.


Hackers Expose Ashley Madison Subscribers

Ashley Madison is the dating site that is made for people looking to cheat on their spouses. The website promises to keep it nice, discreet and anonymous for you. Unfortunately for everyone on the website, some Hackers decided to get into the subscriber list and threaten to release every single name unless the website shut itself down. When the hackers followed through on releasing the names, it was also revealed the most of the women on the site weren’t even real.


Charlie Sheen Shares His HIV Status

When Charlie Sheen got fired from Two and a Half Men back in 2011 and became beloved by all for screaming women and talking about his Tigerblood everyone was just along for the ride. 2015 comes along and Sheen launches himself back in the news admitting he was HIV Positive. Everyone was excited to yell Winning and Tigerblood again and see Sheen admit his breakdown may have been just more than a guy who liked to party. When his ex girlfriends started coming out and saying he never even told them he had the disease, things just got even that more complicated.


The Truth Comes Out About Brian Williams

Brian Williams was the first “cool” newscaster in a very long time. He was the guy who showed up on Jimmy Fallon and slow jammed the news, and seemed like he would just be a fun guy to hag out with. That’s why when the world found about his lies people were so much angrier. Williams claimed to have been in a helicopter that was shot down by an enemy missile while he was reporting overseas and had to make an emergency landing. Turned out that it was not his helicopter, it was one at least 30 minutes in front of him. Williams was suspended from NBC television and lost the trust that he had gained from so many over the years.

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