The 8 Funniest Faces of Hip-Hop

There have been a lot of musicians who tried to get into acting and the crossover just didn’t work. One thing that has worked more than a few times is rappers getting into comedy. It makes sense when you think of how quick-witted you must be to have the skill to freestyle or get into rap battles. It’s a genre that relies on wordplay and rap music itself can even be funny and still taken seriously. Here are some rappers who have had the most success when it comes to being funny.

Method Man

Wu-Tang Clan is among the most popular acts of all time when it comes to rap music and one of the most notable in the group. He’s also a genuinely funny dude with more comedy credits than you even remember. Of course, he was in How High, the college comedy starring him and Redman, but he also is a character in the latest season of The Last OG and had a hilarious cameo in Trainwreck as a nurse dealing with Colin Quinn. Method Man and Red Man also hosted a show titled “Stung” that was Punk’d before Punk’d.



How High



Eminem’s lyrics are built on wordplay, his early music videos could get real silly and almost be SNL sketches themselves. He did a song with Triumph The Insult Comic Dog and he’s had bits at the VMA’s like a feud with Sacha Baren Cohen dropping in his lap dressed as Bruno. In two movies (The Interview and Funny People) Eminem played heightened versions of himself and ended up being in scenes that got the biggest laughs.

Eminem in Funny People

Eminem in The Interview

Ice Cube

Ice Cube helped the explosion of Gangster Rap in the 80’s with NWA, fast forward 25 years later and he’s doing family movies. But he’s also made a few comedies, and one specifically is one of the funniest movies of all time. He’s also got the Ride Along franchise with Kevin Hart, starred in the Barbershop series and was hilarious as the chief in the 21 Jump Street movies. There have also been rumblings for years of a “Last Friday” movie that unfortunately won’t have Chris Tucker.


21 and 22 Jump Street

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is one of the most recognizable faces in music, you could have never listened to a single one of his songs but you know who he is. He’s part of the streaking scene in Old School, he played Huggy Bear in the Starsky and Hutch remake and starred in 2004’s Soul Plane. He’s also been a part of a few Comedy Central Roasts and Jimmy Kimmel has used Snoop to narrate animal footage showing off how naturally funny the D O double G is.

Old School

Starsky and Hutch

Plizzanet Earth

Bieber Roast

Will Smith

Will Smith is an Oscar-nominated actor and box office king. Before all that he was The Fresh Prince, which would lead to him getting his own NBC sitcom which is still popular 30 years later and replaying every day on multiple networks. He’s been in beloved rom-coms like Hitch and starred in the sci-fi comedy franchise Men in Black. His funniest movie scene may be the Reggie scene from Bad Boys 2, a franchise he was able to hold his own opposite, MArtin Lawrence.

Bad Boys 2

Fresh Prince

Men in Black


Queen Latifah

One of the faces of the Afrocentric Rap scene of the 90’s, Queen Latifah would end up becoming more known for her acting career than anything. Even though she was a big name in what many call the “golden age of hip hop” she transitioned to acting and made a reall name for herself there,havving Emmys and Golden Globes to put next to her Grammys. She’s starred opposite Jimmy Fallon in Taxi, Steve Martin in Bringing Down The House and in 2017 was in Girls Trip, arguably the biggest comedy of the year.

Girls Trip




Bringing Down The House

Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle has run one of LA’s hottest shows “The New Negroes” for years in LA And brought it to many festivals, now the show is on Comedy Central where Mike gets to make amazing video collaborations with other artists. He’s also been on Cartoon Network’s hit series “Adventure Time”.

Adventure Time

The New Negroes

Donald Glover

You may have just learned about Donald Glover’s alter ego “Childish Gambino” recently, but he’s been making music for years, making mixtapes as an NYU kid and releasing music while on TV shows. Atlanta is one of the most popular comedy series on TV right now, Community was a cult hit where everyone really got to love him and before that he was a writer on 30 Rock. Real Donald Glover fans also remember his time in the group “Derek Comedy” and there’s a good chance you’ve seen one of their videos and just didn’t remember that was him.

Derek Comedy



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