The 5: Ted Alexandro’s Top Five British Crime Dramas

Did you know that beloved stand-up comedian Ted Alexandro has a podcast? After years of appearing on everyone else’s, he realized he loves the format so much that he wanted to start one of his own, and because he knows absolutely everyone, his guests are comedy giants. It’s called A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro, and features his own musings as well as a segment called The Catch Up, where he ambushes his comedian friends on the phone to see how they’re doing, and has some really fun, off the cuff conversations as a result.

The newest episode finds Ted down a very familiar road on tour with Jim Gaffigan – namely the Long Island Expressway which hosts both his high school and college alma maters, a fact he must remind Jim Gaffigan of every time they take it. Later, Ted cold calls comedian and SNL alum Dean Edwards in the middle of major housing renovations and Dean talks to him anyway – twice!  Other great guests this season, Laurie Kilmartin, Gary Gulman, Demetri Martin, Marina Franklin, Marc Maron, Kyle Grooms and more, including a really special tribute to William Stephenson.

The podcast is available everywhere podcasts can be heard including iTunes.

This week, Ted Alexandro contributed an edition of “The 5”, giving you the info on his picks for the Top Five British Crime Dramas. For those of you who just finished binging something and are on the hunt for something new to check out, you’re in luck. Ted’s got your back.

Everyone loves a good crime drama and the Brits arguably do it better than anyone else. Compelling storylines, impeccable acting, hardly any guns- and you get to nonchalantly tell people you’re watching a British tv show. (Just be sure to watch as my wife and I do, with subtitles on. No need to try be a hero.)
#1 Broadchurch– Olivia Coleman! Need I say more? Fine, David Tennant! The cheeky chemistry between them is bliss. Unlike American tv, it’s not sexy or quippy but you’ll fall deeper in love with each passing episode. I preferred the first two seasons, but in all it’s three seasons of whodunnit perfection featuring some of the most breathtaking landscapes you’ll ever see.
#2 Happy Valley– The sublime Sarah Lancashire is a police sergeant hanging on by a thread despite personal loss and a chaotic home life. In true British form, there have been only two seasons with an elusive third season rumored for years. I want back into the Valley!
#3 Line of Duty- This show has all the D.S.’s, D.C.’s and D.I.’s you could want. The incorruptible D.S. Arnott and D.I. Fleming are a dynamic duo investigating police corruption from the inside. The highlights are the interrogation scenes when both the tape recorder and emotions are running, often out of control.
#4 Endeavour– The bookish D.C. Endeavour Morse and his boss, the fatherly D.I. Fred Thursday, solve crimes together. Morse, though seemingly out of place amongst cops, repeatedly sees answers where no one else is even asking questions. Each episode is like its own movie and I can’t get enough. I only recently discovered that this series is a prequel to a classic British series, “Inspector Morse,” which I must delve into after a suitable amount of time has passed. It feels too soon to just jump right in.
#5 Great British Bake Off– While not technically a crime drama, judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood assess the handiwork of a group of amateur bakers, which ranges from criminal to criminally good. I was skeptical going in but GBBO allowed me access to emotions I haven’t felt in years. Through tear soaked eyes, I find myself cheering at the end of each season as a new champion is named. I can’t bring myself to watch the new judges, remaining forever loyal to the grandmotherly Mary Berry.

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