THE 5: Sean McDonnell’s Top 5 YouTube Videos That Made Me Realize I Should Start Reading More

Vancouver comedian Sean McDonnell is only 22 years old, and about to release his debut album. Out November 13th via 604 records, “All In My Head” is a splendid showcase for his comedy, inspired by his colourful life experiences. His lively, highly entertaining storytelling has already earned him a nod by Norm MacDonald as a fantastic talent to keep your eye on. Sean has quickly earned a reputation as one of the hardest-working comedians on the Vancouver comedy scene, having done club shows almost every night for the past three years. Sean is excited to share his stand up with comedy fans everywhere.

The album will be available on the 604 Records website, as well as all major digital retailers and streaming apps.

As a dyslexic man, reading has never been my forte, neither has writing so we will see how this article goes over. I have always found comfort in YouTube worm holes, they are in my opinion, the closest thing man has to time travel. You lay down in bed, ready to go to hit the hay and bring up your phone to see that one video of the man lighting off bootlegged fire works. That video leads to a suggestion of an intoxicated women using m80s to blow up her good china and then that video has a thumb nail of a man on shrooms chugging fire ball in a library. This cycle continues until it is 7 am and you realize it is time to go to work. Suddenly 2 years have passed and you are watching a video of a man eating a cook book and you have the epiphany that you haven’t read a book since you got wifi.

#5: Glow stick blows up in kid’s face

A kid microwaving a glow stick until it looks like the plutonium rod from the opening “Simpson’s” credits, good. The glow stick then blowing up in his face, great. His dad coming in and yelling at him about how he ruined his shirt while frantically calling the glow stick creator, amazing. While watching this it reminded me to always read instructions and has made me cautious of anywhere there is an abundance of glow sticks and people with bad ideas (ravers stay away). I give this 10 awesome ruined shirts out of 10.



Alright, this video is a trap card in itself, you open it not knowing what to expect and it leads to so much more. A grown man role plays as a yu gi oh character in a virtual reality duel constantly playing a banned card with absolutely no grasp of the rules. How engaged this man is with a fictional reality made me think maybe I would enjoy reading a fantasy book, then I started watching rage quits of yu gi oh duels. Mindless online videos leading to mind numbing online videos? As they say in the video “that is what it do yu gi”. I rank this video with 5000 attack points, 5000 defense points and 12 stars.


# 3: Hanwei Practical XL Katana Unveiling HD

This video is a straight BANGER! There are so many different layers that make this video incredible. In the amount of time I’ve spent breaking this video down I could have read the entire Lord of The Rings series and argued on a forum why they are better than the movies. I didn’t read the series, instead I continually watched this video and now ask myself “why does every family member in this video have different accents?” or “why does Tyler give so much attitude to his mother over tape?'” and “for the love of god where is the father figure in this house hold?”. This video gets 2 katanas up.


# 2: The King Ass Ripper smashes some KFC drumsticks.

Apparently doing a whip-it kills as many brain cells as hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. If that is true then this video is the equivalent of inhaling an entire tank of nitrous oxide. This video is so disgusting it actually inclined me to google the impact fast food has on the human anatomy. That is correct, this video actually scared me into reading a study. It also made me ream out a friend for putting it on my YouTube Que. I punish this video with two KFC drumsticks smothered in car mayonnaise down.


# 1: Jerma Rumble 3

This man created his own characters out of WWE 2K14 and actually performs some of the most entertaining commentary I have ever heard. Count Chocula throwing down an irish whip on earth worm jim, Jerma’s got it. They have some of the most creative characters I have ever seen, and not a single one of them stems from a work of literature. I un-ironically adore this video. I love this man’s voice work and think it is an incredibly entertaining channel. I only included it because when each video has a run time of 30 minutes, once I clicked on the third thumb nail that thought still comes up “could I be using my time more effectively?”

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