The 5: Myles Anderson’s “Five Ways a Canadian Comedian Can Get a U.S. Work Visa”

This week’s “The 5” comes from Canadian musician and comedian, Myles Anderson. A finalist in the 2017 Seattle International Comedy Competition, Myles has performed for the past six years at the Comedy Store and the Comedy & Magic club in L.A. He can also occasionally be heard on The Debaters on CBC.

Vancouver comedian Myles Anderson has been doing comedy since grade 5 and today is excited to announce the release his debut album “Myles From Home” on 604 Records. Myles graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelors degree in Music. He’s disappointed his siblings didn’t take up music with him noting they could have made a great quartet. His favourite instrument is the piano, which he incorporates into his album’s intro. Comedy producer Kevin “Kevvy” Maher worked with Myles to bring his performance style into his album and describes seeing Myles perform as “seeing a man unravel then re-ravel himself onstage.” He added, “Myles combines traditional jokes with birdlike movements, always creating a unique and hilarious performance.” The two hit it off so well, they made a comedy sketch video together for Comedy Here Often titled “Myles Anderson’s Canned Laughter”. “Myles From Home” is available tomorrow off of the 604 Records website, as well as all major digital retailers and streaming apps.

This week, Myles contributed a brand new edition of The 5, covering the difficult task that all Canadian comedians come up against- getting a U.S. Work Visa. Take his advice, and then scroll down to watch Myles in action in his sketch video “Myles Anderson’s Canned Laughter” and then go buy his new album, “Myles From Home”.

Myles Anderson’s “Five Ways a Canadian Comedian Can Get a U.S. Work Visa”

#5.  Have money.  For rich people, there is no such thing as a national border. An immigration lawyer bills by the hour and the U.S. government moves like tectonic plates. Getting a legal work visa or green card for the states can cost $15,000 or more so having money is a must. In fact, “have money” is great advice you can apply to anything.

#4. Exploit a loophole.  The U.S. legal system is a riddle wrapped in an enigma. The United States Of America was founded by a band of drunken rebels who hated laws and taxes and their legal system reflects that. Simply incorporate yourself as a finance company in Puerto Rico and hire yourself to work in Hollywood as a financial advisor. Declare your annual earnings ($500-$1300) at comedy clubs as financial advice. Boom, you now work legally in America.

#3. Marry an American.  There are 10 Americans for every Canadian, if you can’t find one to marry then you are definitely the problem.

#2. Have a bunch of social media followers.  For influencers, there is no such thing as a national border. So start unboxing things, pranking people, and showing some cleavage and Hollywood will bend to your will.

#1. Don’t be in the entertainment industry.  Become an engineer of some kind. It will cost about as much as a green card and will take less time if you study hard. A U.S. company will hire you to work and sponsor you to live there. You’ll make good money and will have enough to raise children and retire. You’ll forget all about comedy and will have a fulfilling and peaceful existence.



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