The 5: Great Holiday Gives for Dog Owners

This Week on the 5:  Great Gives for Your Dog Loving Friends

Thanksgiving is gone and there are 25 shopping days till Christmas.  If you have no idea what to get your friends and loved ones, we’ve got ideas. Everyone knows about the Kongs and Chuckits and ropes and laser pointers.  They’re great gifts and your friends will like them, but they already have those things.  These gift ideas will make you the King of Christmas Giving.  This week, how to blow away your dog loving friends with gifts that won’t cost you a fortune.  Don’t have a dog-loving friend?  Come back next week for more ideas.

west pawdog chewauto zip linesprongsiberian husky calendar

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  • West Paw Indestructible Dog Toys.  These rubbery-ish dog toys are made from Zogoflex and we can’t find anything that lasts like these toys.  West Paw guarantees that your dog will not destroy it, and if they’re wrong, they will replace your toy for free.  They come in bone shapes, ball shapes, treat-stuffable shapes, pull shapes and even frisbee shapes.  If you have a friend whose dog destroys every toy, you will blow their minds with a West Paw toy.  Range from $8-$17.  Go to
  • Yak’s Milk Treat Bones.  Your friends have probably tried every chew bone from pigs ears to antlers and hooves.  Most people have never heard of Yak’s Milk Treats also known as Himalayan dog chews.   The are  made from dog-digestible yak’s milk and formed into a solid bone shaped chew toy.  It’s organic and digestible and long lasting.  When your dog gets to the end of the treat, it can be microwaved to make a puffy pop-corn like snack.  They come in all sizes and range in price from $5 – $20.  Impress your friends that you found something they don’t know about.  Find them locally or order them on
  • Kurgo Auto Zip Line.  It’s really not safe for the dog or the driver when you  let a dog run around loose in the car.  But there aren’t a lot of good solutions.  Most pet stores sell expensive gates that put your dog into doggie jail, or crates, or leash tethers that hold your dog in the back seat but get too easily tangled if your dog tries to walk around.  The perfect solution for dogs of any size is the Kurgo Auto Zip line and we have no idea why it’s not in every store.  It attaches easily without “installation” by hooking to any two fixed points in your car.  You clip your dog onto the zip line and he’s free to walk back and forth the full length of the back seat.  It’s a miracle product and a great gift.  A mere $20-30 bucks makes you a hero to whoever gets the Kurgo under their tree.  Order it from or on
  • Sprong!  The Sprong hex, ball, bones and stick toys are fetch toys with a twist.  They have a velvetsoft exterior, and they bounce, roll, and float.  They’re misshapen to give them a funky bounce and make a pretty annoying noise, but dogs love them.  Really love them.  Your friends will easily forgive you for bringing a new squeak toy into their life when they see how much fun their dog has. They’re much stronger than the average squeek toy, so the dog won’t be licking off cheap paint, or swallowing squares of plastic with this toy.  Buy Sprong Toys on Amazon or at local toy stores.
  • 2014 Siberian Husky Calendar.  A calendar is a decent gift, but a calendar that represents a donation to a great dog rescue organization is a great gift for anyone who loves dogs.   For only $12.50 plus shipping and handling you’ll be giving a gift to your friend, and to benefit the heroes of the dog world– rescue clubs. Want to help save a dog’s life?   Here’s how to order.  If you like the idea but Huskys aren’t your thing, consider joining the ASPCA or join a local rescue organization or donate to a local shelter in the name of your friend or their pet.

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What’s your amazing, little known favorite thing to buy for your dog?  

Give more dog gift ideas in the comments.