The 5: Ben Rosenfeld’s Top Five Russian Dash Cam Videos

Ben Rosenfeld is a quirky immigrant whose comedy can be best described as “playfully dark, seriously smartass.” Ben’s comedy blends his family’s experience as Russian Jewish immigrants in America with his philosophical beliefs, political observations and unique characters. Ben has appeared on FOX’s Laughs, Travel Channel’s Mysteries At The Museum, CBS This Morning, Nat Geo’s Brain Games, Netflix’s Brainchild, NPR’s Weekend Edition, SiriusXM Radio, The New York Post and been featured as TimeOut New York’s Joke of the Week. His fourth comedy album, Don’t Shake Your Miracle, is newly available on iTunes.

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As a Russian Jewish immigrant turned comedian, nothing helps me feel more connected to the motherland than going into a youtube k-hold of Russian Dashboard Cam videos. Here’s my top 5!

#5 Fast Reflexes!

What’s not to love about this? In only 11 seconds, you get a pedestrian hit by a car and a man smashing a car window’s glass, barehanded, without flinching, like he just spent the last seven seasons in the NHL! This scene needs to be dubbed to Ivan Drago’s famous line of, “If he dies, he dies.”


#4 Near Hit and Run

I love that the dashboard cam driver witnesses an accident he was partially responsible for, and then keeps driving, like a fly just hit his windshield.


#3 Car Explodes Randomly in Russia

The best part, besides the very descriptive video title, is how calm the driver gets out of his car to examine the wreckage. Most Americans would have more of a panic if their car got a flat than this guy, who just survived an attempted assignation attempt!


#2 WTF?!?!

This one makes the list for the sheer WTF factor. The man just asks, “Nice jacket, where can I buy one?” And the second guy’s response is a bit of an overreaction. Perhaps this lack of liking to give recommendations is why Yelp is not more popular in Russia.


#1 Bon Jovi-oski-ov

There’s so much amazingness here, I don’t know what the best part it. Is it this ridiculous Russian cover band playing Bon Jovi? Is it the guy who caused the accident coming over to help, then deciding to jump on the minivan’s roof, then nearly getting beaten to death with a shovel? Or maybe it’s the truck that drives around this scene like this happens every day.



Clip of Ben’s car accident story (scroll down for exclusive four track preview from the album).


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