Ten Best Books Authored by a Comedian in 2016

Comedians keep really busy these days with stand up, television, and podcasts, and then some comics even find the time to write a book.  Comedian authored books run the gamut of autobiographical, artistic, political and creative, and the autobiographies even cover a wealth of subject matter – some covering deeply personal introspective subjects, and others leaning toward gossip, or a single project. We picked ten of the best books of the year to highlight, and now we need you to vote on who had the #1 book. Was it Bonnie McFarlane, Norm Macdonald, Doug Stanhope, Dave Hill, Trevor Noah, Kathy Griffin, Amy Schumer, Mel Brooks, Phoebe Robinson or comedy biographer Corey Stulce?

In 2014,  you voted Joan Rivers ,”Diary of a Mad Diva” as the best book authored by a comedian and in 2015 Colin Quinn’s “The Coloring Book” grabbed top honors.  Now it’s up to you to decide who wrote the best book this year.

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BONNIE MCFARLANE: You’re Better Than Me

In this ruthless no-holds-barred story, Bonnie talks about growing up as a broke, rural and rebellious teenager trying to find her way. But not broke and rural like you’re thinking- this is make your own clothes, milk your cow and make ice cream to make after school money stories.  The book goes through her childhood into her decision to go into comedy and all the bad decisions (and good decisions) she made along the way.  There’s sex, there’s cinnamon buns, and everything in between. Get ready for an excellent read, You’re Better Than Me a Memoir is relatable and hilarious and introduces Bonnie McFarlane as one of the funniest authors writing today.

DAVE HILL: Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

In a series of autobiographical essays, musician and comedian Dave Hill writes Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, which reveals a treasure trove of uncomfortable stories that you wouldn’t expect someone to voluntarily unveil but Dave Hill has mastered taking dark times from his life and making them comedy.  Beyond the awkwardness there’s also some real beauty here. One of the top reads of the year hands down.

PHOEBE ROBINSON: You Can’t Touch My Hair

Stand-up comic and star of the WYNC Podcast 2 Dope Girls, Phoebe Robinson brings to light the realities of being a black woman in America, giving her advice on how to be the one black friend in a group of white people and why NFL players should treat women better, Phoebe’s book checks out to be one of the most interesting comical books of the year, and she’s poised to have a big breakthrough. If you don’t know her yet, we’re happy to be the ones who introduce you to her.

DOUG STANHOPE: Digging Up Mother, a Love Story

Who would’ve thought that Doug Stanhope’s comedic genius is due to his mother? This book takes you down Doug Stanhope’s chaotic journey to being a superstar comedian. Digging up Mother A Love Story is Doug Stanhope’s way of saying a final goodbye to his beloved mother. It’s ruthlessly honest, it’s bare, it’s disturbing at times, and funny in others, and when it’s at its best, Digging Up Mother does both at the same time.

NORM MACDONALD: Based on a True Story

From his boyhood days in Canada to being on SNL, Norm Macdonald writes a lively tale, stapled with sarcasm that always keeps you guessing about whether he’s telling the truth or not. Bringing his infamous wild outlandish comedy into words, this book is hard to put down!

COREY STULCE: The Union of the State

The Union of the State by Cory Stulce, one of the members of the group, tells the untold, uncensored story of how the troupe got together. As you go through their early years at NYU to their start of fame doing sketch comedy at MTV, you get a sense of the industry and also a sense of passion and devotion the group had to make their dreams become a reality.

KATHY GRIFFIN: Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run Ins

Star of My Life on the D-List and guest co-star of The View, Kathy Griffin is without a doubt one of the funniest ladies of our time. Now she has taken it up a notch by writing a book about her Celebrity Run-ins, with stories about Selena Gomez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Britney Spears and even Donald Trump. Kathy’s unapologetic humor is sure to leave you pleasantly entertained.

TREVOR NOAH: Born a Crime

Star of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Comedy Central, Trevor Noah has already had an amazing breakout year. Now he has written a witty yet incredibly heartfelt story about traveling to the US after growing up in South Africa during a time where it was impossible to be accepted as a half white half black person living there. If you didn’t know who Trevor was before, you sure will in the future, this comedian is not only extremely gifted in comedy but is unnervingly smart.

MEL BROOKS: Young Frankenstein, the Story of the Making of the Film

A picture driven book written by one of the greatest comedy geniuses Mel Brooks, Young Frankenstein gives an inside look at the making of the huge film with incredible interviews from cast members. Not only does this provide an interesting perspective into the film industry, but you also get a chance to see some awesome never before seen photos!

AMY SCHUMER: The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

Emmy Award winning comedian, actress, and star of Inside Amy Schumer is undoubtedly one of most successful comedians in show business today. Now she writes a bestselling memoir where she is not shy about being a feminist, and relates to every woman by demonstrating her struggles to getting where she is today.

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