Ted Alexandro Calls Out Cultural Response to Louis C.K. and Cosby on Stage at the Cellar

Ted Alexandro is ready to release his third hour-long comedy special, and he’s teasing with a trailer from the new hour, released on Wednesday. He also published a separate clip that’s racking up quite a few more hits, where he takes the stage and starts working through some of his thoughts about Louis C.K., and Bill Cosby, and the #metoo movement in the United States.

The clip was recorded at The Cellar on September 1st, just a few days after Louis C.K. sparked controversy by returning to that same stage, but released today via YouTube and Twitter. “What, does a guy have to be convicted of sexual assault to get an extended ovation,” he asked after the applause died down before he got to the stage? That kicks off a discussion about C.K.’s sexual misconduct, Bill Cosby’s crimes, the President of the United States and the way our military responds to allegations of sexual assault.

The clip is not from his new hour special- that has a separate trailer that you can see below, with a preview of Ted’s take on living in New York in 2018, being in a serious relationship, and of course, President Trump. The new hour, Senior Class of Earth, was filmed at the Comedy Cellar’s Village Underground in New York City.

Alexandro is an activist, and a thinker, and he’s not hiding either of those things in this video clip. Senior Class of Earth blends equal parts social commentary – surveying a world increasingly on the brink – with a dose of personal reflections on subjects like being engaged to be married and the particular duties of a man in today’s world. It’s often said that “the personal is political,” and Ted’s new special promises to exemplify that ideal while keeping us all laughing.

The special will be available from All Things Comedy on October 4th, available to purchase worldwide at www.atcspecials.com and through Vimeo On Demand. The album version will be released by 800 Pound Gorilla Records on October 5th.

Watch the trailer for Senior Class of Earth below.

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