Watch The Teachers Lounge Finale With Guest Jim Norton

teachers lounge finale guest jim norton

As a brand new school year begins for the rest of the country, for the staff of “Teachers Lounge” this semester is coming to a close.  Don’t miss the final episode of our favorite digital series on the web.

The season finale for “Teachers Lounge” written and created by and starring Ted Alexandro and Hollis James is now available, along with all other 9 episodes at In Episode 10, all hell breaks loose as music teacher Mr. Alexandro and the school’s janitor Hollis are kicking back in the lounge when the sirens blare and the school goes on lock down. There’s a suspicious package in the art room, but fortunately the school’s head of security, “Mr. Norton”, has it under control. It’s not easy living in a post 9-7 world. But Mr. Norton will explain his own methods of keeping the kids safe.

Teachers Lounge was successfully funded on Kickstarter and Ted Alexandro says these first 10 webisodes are hopefully only the beginning. “Hollis and I couldn’t be happier about the way people have responded to the series. It’s been so great. Now we’re focusing on the next step, which we hope will be a pilot for TV.”

If any digital short deserves to make the leap to television, it’s “Teachers Lounge.”

Let’s take time to recognize this past school year’s faculty and staff of Teachers Lounge.

Alec Baldwin as the School PA Announcer
Jim Gaffigan as Mr. Gaffigan, School Nutritionist
Lewis Black as Mr. Black, the Principal
Judah Friedlander as Mr. Friedlander, Computer Science
Judy Gold as Mrs. Gold, Physical Education
Dave Attell as Mr. Attell, School Photographer
Michael Che as Mr. Che, the talented and gifted teacher
Rachel Feinstein as Ms. Feinstein, School Nurse
Ted Leo as Ted Leo, Rock Star
Todd Barry as Mr. Barry, School Librarian
Jim Norton as Mr. Norton, Head of School Security

Also  Ted Alexandro will be performing on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Thursday night.  Don’t miss it.

And now the season finale of Teachers Lounge with special guest, Jim Norton.


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